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Latest on Sasha Banks/Naomi Heading into SmackDown

With the happenings that took place on Monday, what is the status of Sasha Banks and Noami for tonight’s SmackDown?

On Monday’s Raw, it was reported both on-screen and off that the Women’s Tag Team Champions walked out of the show moments before it aired. WWE posted a statement in regards to this while outlets commented on what they had found out backstage.

PWInsider has posted the news earlier today on if the duo will appear on tonight’s show. It does not appear that they will be at the show.

Since we have gotten a ton of emails asking about Sasha Banks and Naomi in advance of tonight’s WWE Smackdown taping in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it does not appear either are in town for tonight’s TV taping.

Naomi’s husband Jimmy Uso is in Michigan for the taping tonight but Naomi did not travel with him, according to WWE sources.

Sasha Banks has not been seen in Michigan, and a long-time Elite subscriber sent word last night that Banks was on the same flight as her going to Minneapolis from Orlando.

For previous news on Banks/Naomi you can click the links below.

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Latest on Sasha/Naomi Walk out of Raw

If anything is updated before the show, Diva Dirt will update this article.

Check back in with Diva Dirt tonight for the SmackDown Discussion Post.

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