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Latest Reports On Sasha Banks & Naomi’s WWE Status

Over the past day, a couple of reports have come out in regard to Sasha Banks and Naomi‘s WWE status. Both Banks & Naomi have not been seen in WWE since they left the company back in May. During that time, WWE stated on-air that they were suspended indefinitely and stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Since then their profiles still remain on the active roster on the WWE official website but there still remains no update from WWE themselves.

In a report from Fightful Select on Dec. 15, they can confirm that Banks’ WWE exit was negotiated “months ago.” This coincides with when Raj Giri from Wrestling Inc. broke the news of her exit. It was confirmed as well that Banks is able to take wrestling bookings as of January 1 which is something Fightful had already reported a few months ago.

Fightful Select also confirms that the New Japan Pro Wrestling deal is set and was agreed upon as early as the last week of November. Those that are familiar with the NJPW deal state they have not heard anything regarding Banks and AEW yet but that also doesn’t rule it out from happening either.

In addition to the Fightful Select report, Wrestling Observer Newsletter added more news regarding Banks. They are stating that Banks was seeking a number along the lines of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Those internally in WWE are saying she was not offered numbers close to that. They added that she is not seen internally as someone on top for the next five years.

“She and WWE did not reach terms for a new contract. WWE directly wouldn’t say anything about her but those in the company over recent months had said the sides were not close on money. She and WWE reached an agreement in the summer regarding her leaving and the agreement was they would release her to be a free agent rather than freeze her deal, but she couldn’t do anything with wrestling until the start of 2023. In the fall, with the regime change, she was back in negotiations to return and it was considered that it was close to a done deal, aside from the money figure, and the two sides ended up being far apart.” – WON

In regards to Banks and NJPW, Dave Meltzer stated “The deal is with New Japan but would include one date for Stardom. That would be for a show that is expected in April, but the company had planned for the biggest show in its history, which will tentatively be announced on 12/29 at the Stardom Sumo Hall show.”

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also provided the following on Naomi.

Sources have stated that she has to make a decision. Meltzer says,

“Regarding Trinity Fatu (Naomi), who left with Banks, and nothing has been said about her, we were told that she has to make a decision. Originally she wanted to come back with Banks as a tag team and was told her decision would be to sit at home, to go elsewhere (her contract was about to expire when she left although they could freeze it and force her back for a very short period of time, but that really wouldn’t make sense) or to return without Banks.”

Credit to Fightful Select and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter for these reports.

Diva Dirt will update anything additional on Sasha Banks and Naomi if/when more information is available.

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