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Laurel Van Ness retains the Knockouts Title

Tonight (Jan 25th) on Impact Wrestling’s Genesis special, Laurel Van Ness successfully retained the Knockouts Championship against Allie.

The Knockouts start off with a tie-up, each looking for early control of the match. Their tie-up spills to the outside but neither is willing to break their grip. They head back to the ring as the referee nearly counts them out.

Once back in the ring, Allie takes down the champion with running clotheslines and a sliding elbow for a two count. Allie goes for a kick but Laurel manages to dodge it and rolls back to the outside. Allie stays in pursuit and uses the steel step to hit a flying elbow.

Allie stays in control, tossing Laurel headfirst to ring apron and a chop to the chest. Laurel avoids a charging attack and takes Allie down with a big boot as we head for a break.

When we return, Laurel is laying boots to Allie from a corner. She sends Allie headfirst to the turnbuckles of an opposite turnbuckle and then hits a bulldog for a two count. Allie manages to fend off Laurel with a back elbow and shoulder block but the champion strikes back with a right forearm.

Laurel uses the middle ring rope to connect elevated DDT and keeps Allie grounded with a headlock. Allie gets to her feet to fight back but a stalemate clothesline takes down women. When both get back up, Allie manages to dodge a charging attack and takes Laurel out with a suplex to the corner.

Allie reverses the Unprettier and hits the Code Breaker for a two count. Allie runs the ropes but Laurel gets a boot up and connects the Curb Stomp. Laurel goes for the cover but Allie kicks out at two. Laurel sets up for another Unprettier but Allie reverses and takes Laurel down with a Super Kick. She goes for the cover but Laurel managers to get her foot on the rope for a rope break.

Laurel lands a back elbow that knocks Allie towards the referee. In the midst of the small scuffle, Laurel grabs the Knockouts Title from the steps and hits Allie with it to get the three count.

This special Genesis episode of Impact Wrestling served as the final episode of the Ottawa Canada tapings in November.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling? Are you looking forward to seeing how the recent Orlando tapings will play out? Let us know in the comments below!

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