Sunday, March 3, 2024

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Lena Yada is Wrestlicious!


# She’s a Diva Search reject that got future endeavored, Gail Kim was signed back which made fans suspicious, but now she’s back and she’s Wrestlicious #

That was fun! Anyhoo, it looks like Wrestlicious has now signed former ECW Diva, Lena Yada! The 30-year-old [Dang, I didn’t know she was 30!] who recently worked a match for ChickFight, updated her MySpace page to read ‘Wrestlicious’ in block capitals.

There had been rumours making the rounds for a while now that Wrestlicious was looking to sign Lena, at the time one of the Wrestlicious producers told us that they were in talks. It looks like it worked out!

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