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Lita & Becky Lynch Crowned NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions, Trish Stratus Returns


We have new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions just five weeks before WrestleMania 39!

And if you asked me who that would be even a month ago, I wouldn’t be able to even fathom that it is WWE Hall of Famer Lita and Becky Lynch! Lita and Becky Lynch defeated Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai and IYO SKY) in the main event of the Feb. 27 episode of Raw to become champions. This ends Damage CTRL’s reign at 115 days and this is the first time both Lita and Lynch have won tag team gold.

This is Lita’s first championship since 2006.

If this wasn’t enough, fellow Hall of Famer and bestie of Lita, Trish Stratus made her return. She would come out in the last few minutes of the match as Bayley was doing everything she can to try and have Damage CTRL retain. Stratus came out and targeted Bayley. The final moments of the match had Lita going up top for a Litasault but Bayley hopped up on the apron to stop her. This led to Stratus pulling down Bayley. Kai on the other side tried to stop Lita as well but was taken down by Lynch. Lita was able to execute her Litasault on SKY and get the three-count crowning new champions.

Lita, Lynch, and Stratus celebrate in the ring as pyro goes off to end the show.

There were two other women’s matches on this week’s Raw.

Piper Niven took on Candice LeRae. LeRae made her way out to the ring with Nikki Cross creeping behind her. Cross stayed at ringside for the match. This match didn’t get as much time as the other two women’s matches but progressed the storyline a bit with Cross being taken out by Niven when she tried to get involved. This caused too much of a distraction for Niven so LeRae picked up the victory. LeRae rushed to the back after the match without Cross who was laid out at ringside.

Asuka also took on Carmella this week and for the first time in a singles match, Asuka has been able to defeat Carmella. This match was given a nice bit of time and was a solid match – giving Carmella a lot of offense. Unfortunately for Mella, she wasn’t able to break out of the armbar submission that Asuka has been using to take out all of her opponents since returning at the Royal Rumble.

Post-match, Asuka called out Bianca Belair. Belair responded and made her way to the ring. However, the talk between the two didn’t last long as Carmella would attack Asuka from behind, pushing her into Belair and knocking them both down.

Moments later, we see that Chelsea Green was in Adam Pearce’s office. She was complaining that she was sent to Ottawa, Illinois last week instead of Ottawa, Canada. She asked Pearce how she was supposed to know there was an Ottawa, Canada, but Pearce reminded her that she is from Canada. Carmella would come in to interrupt.

Pearce received a phone call he had to take but told Carmella that she would face Belair next week. Then, Carmella and Chelsea introduced themselves to one another. Both seemed to vibe with one another and liked each other’s style.

Maxxine Dupri continues to scout Otis. Backstage, Dupri told Otis that he needs to get a match and she would be at ringside for him. He got a match against Johnny Gargano, but would end up losing the match after Dexter Lumis appeared to take care of Maximum Male Models who were trying to take out Gargano at ringside.

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