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Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey Set For SummerSlam; Lacey Evans Turns Heel

Liv Morgan has made it to SmackDown to start her reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion. On the July 8 episode, she made her way out to the ring to celebrate her victories at Money in the Bank.

It would be Natalya who would first interrupt the new champ. Nattie continued to take credit for Morgan’s win at MITB. She says if it wasn’t for her injury to the knee of Rousey and if there was a fresh Rousey in the ring then Morgan wouldn’t have won.

Rousey made her way out next. She congratulated Morgan once again for her victory before challenging Nattie to a match right then and there. Nattie attacked Rousey from behind before Morgan would get involved and dump her outside the ring.

A match between Nattie and Rousey would take place in short form. Only lasting a few minutes with Nattie getting in no real offense, Rousey locked in the ankle lock causing her to tap out.

Despite Morgan vs. Rousey being set for SummerSlam, Nattie will be facing Morgan next week in a Championship Contenders Match. Perhaps if Nattie is able to get a victory over the new champion she could be added to the SummerSlam bout.

Elsewhere on SmackDown, we were supposed to have a women’s tag team match that never took place. Aliyah was set to team with Lacey Evans to face Shayna Baszler and Shotzi. Baszler and Shotzi never made it to the ring while Aliyah made her way out first.

Evans would have her music hit and wouldn’t appear at the entrance. Her music would hit again and she would finally make her way out but taunted the crowd for not cheering enough for her. She tried one more time with her entrance until the crowd participated.

Evans officially turns heel as she grabs a microphone to address the crowd. She feels that the entire crowd should be on her feet for her. The crowd starts chanting “you suck” as she calls them disgusting. She says she is an American hero and she has sacrificed herself and received no cheers as a result. As far as Evans is concerned she says until she gets the respect she deserves everyone can go to hell.

Evans goes to make her way out of the ring but Aliyah tries to convince her to have the match. A Woman’s Right knocks out Aliyah to end the segment.

Over on NXT: Level Up, Yulisa Leon had her first victory since January and her first singles victory overall in her WWE career. She faced Arianna Grace.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of SmackDown.

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