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Live Coverage of WSU’s iPPV (November 6th, 2010): Mercedes Martinez vs Jazz, Homicide’s Challenge, Alicia vs Angel Orsini, Serena, ODB & More

Diva Dirt presents live play-by-play from WSU’s Internet pay per view taking place live from the ACE Arena in New Jersey. The show begins at 5.30pm ET and can be viewed via Stay tuned for a full report (and sarcastic opinion) from the pay per view.

Show begins with ring announcer Destiny announcing that we are live for WSU on iPPV!

Our opening segment will be an award ceremony with Mercedes Martinez (who ranked #3 on the PWI Female 50) being honored by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

But before that can happen — Homicide’s music hits in the arena. After what seems like the longest minute ever, he finally comes out and hits the ring.

Homicide takes the microphone (which is super quiet by the way, so I’ll do the best I can). He says he wants all the women to come out to the ring. The entire roster makes their way down to ringside and surrounds the ring. Homicide exchanges words with Amy Lee at ringside. Mercedes Martinez’s music hits now and she makes her way down to the ring.

Homicide addresses Mercedes and compliments WSU from what I can hear. He thanks Mercedes Martinez and the ladies at ringside for making wrestling what it should be. The Cosmo Club enter the ring and interrupt. Rick Cataldo says he’s sick and tired of Mercedes Martinez and calls her overrated. Cataldo says he has a two page spread in the latest Pro Wrestling Illustrated. He says between Martinez and Homicide, all we need in the ring is a pinata (racist much?). He says the spotlight belongs on the Cosmo Club because they are WSU. The crowd begins chanting ‘Eric Cartman’. Cataldo says if Homicide wants to come to WSU and team with real queens, they could give him a makeover. He says we should call Homicide, ‘Homo-cide’ and slaps his cap off. Homicide hits the Ace Crusher on Cataldo and the rest of the Cosmo Club quickly leave the ring.

Homicide says Pro Wrestling Illustrated has a special present for Mercedes. Someone from PWI enters the ring with a plaque, gives a little speech praising Martinez, mentioning her 70-minute match and hands her the plaque. We have a quick picture moment. Mercedes takes the microphone and says she’s honored and humble to win the award. She says she wouldn’t be here without the girls surrounding the ring. She mentions the 70 minute match.

Angel Orsini enters the ring and says she was the other woman in that match and congratulates her. She says she’s here to talk to the PWI writer and says she’s got a problem with them not recognising her belt. She says she’s wrestled Chyna, Lita and others, she’s an ECW original and much. She says she’s sick of WSU not recognising her belt, sick of PWI for not giving her respect and says she’s done using words. She grabs the PWI writer by the coat and looks like she’s going to hit him. Someone comes out (possibly the WSU promoter?) and tries to stop things. Angel says she wants her belt sanctioned which is granted. The belt is now an official championship. She then knees the PWI writer and slams him to the mat as Martinez tries to help him up. Jazz sneaks behind her but Martinez catches her eye. Jazz and Mercedes don’t want to wait till the main event for their match. Jazz says, “Ring the f–king bell!” It looks like we could get this match right now. A couple of referees come out and try to break them up, but we get a brawl between Martinez and Jazz as the refs try to break it up. Now the WSU roster has entered the ring trying to break things up.

The women leave the ring as we run down the card.

Brittney Force vs Amber
Lock-up to start. Amber backs Force into the corner and slaps her. Another lock-up. Arm drags by Force and pin attempt, no dice. Amber reverses Irish whip into a kick and slams Force against the mat. Amber controlling the match now and wearing down Force. She rakes her eyes across the ropes and chops her in the corner. Brittney ducks clothesline and then hits sort of a Russan-leg-sweep on Amber and begins fighting back. Forearms by Force and back elbows. Amber in the corner and Force hits her with a splash followed by a running bulldog. Force goes for clothesline, Amber ducks and hits an enzugiri for the win.

Winner: Amber

Not the most exciting match, to be honest.

The Cosmo Club’s music hits. Cataldo is now in a neckbrace after being hit with the Ace Crusher by Homicide earlier. Brittney takes the mic and says they’re going to introduce the newest member of the club… Melissa Coates! Savage says Melissa will be her bodyguard. Cataldo is on the mic now and brings out Melissa’s opponent, Jennifer Cruz.

Commentators say this is Cruz’s return to WSU after a year out due to injury.

Melissa Coates vs Jennifer Cruz
Coates starts things out but is soon put into a side headlock by Cruz. Shoulder block by Cruz. Coates applies a waist lock from behind and Cruz begins fighting out. Cruz leapfrogs Coates and applies a side headlock but is soon slammed against the mat by Coates. Coates dominates the match, hitting her with a snapmare and props her up in the corner and hits her with two knee strikes into Cruz’s face. Coates with a chokeslam and picks up the win.

Winner: Melissa Coates.

A squash match for Coates to give her a strong start in the Cosmo Club. That was a pretty sloppy match in parts.

Cosmo Club celebrate as Brittney takes the microphone. She says it’s time for her match and out comes her opponent, Sassy Stephie.

Brittney Savage vs Sassy Stephie
An exchange of wrist-locks between the two opponents. Both of them roll through at the same time and soon Stephie has her in a hammer-lock. Headlock take-over by Stephie, Brittney tries to roll it into a pin but Stephie kicks out. Leg-scissors by Savage now. Stephie has Brittney on the mat but as she runs the ropes, she’s tripped up by Jana on the outside. Brittney now in control. Butt bump in the corner and then a low drop-kick on Stephie by Savage. Some near falls but Stephie kicks out both times. Brittney now chokes Sassy over the middle rope and Jana gets involved, slapping her. Another pin attempt but no dice. Low drop-kick into the back by Brittney and another near fall. She now applies a submission move, driving her knee between Stephie’s shoulders. Stephie begins fighting back with elbows to the stomach and hits a back-suplex followed by side-leg-sweep. Cradle but Savage kicks out. Brittney steps on Stephie’s hair and raises her from the canvas by the hair. Another pin attempt. Stephie now begins building momentum and getting the fans behind her. She goes to the top turnbuckle but Cataldo tries to pull her down, she kicks him off the apron. Stephie hits her finisher and goes for the pin but Cindy Rogers & Jana are up on the apron distracting the referee. Coates gets in the ring and hits a chokeslam on Stephie while Cataldo puts Brittney’s over Stephie for the pin. The referee makes the count and Savage retains.

Winner and still Spirit Champion: Brittney Savage

Now time for Jana & Cindy Rogers to defend their WSU Tag Titles. They send the rest of the Cosmo Club to the back. Out come Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio — the Belle Saints.

Cindy Rogers & Jana vs The Belle Saints
Jana and Marti start things off. Side takedown by Janna into leg-scissors. Arm-drag by Marti. Marti tags out to Tina and now Tina applies a headlock. Jana hits her with a knee into the stomach and bounces her head off the turnbuckle. Tina tags out to Marti now and now Jana tags out to Cindy. Cindy is in control buy Marti begins fighting back with forearms and a clothesline. Double team leg-sweep. San Antonio in the ring now against Cindy and drive her into the turnbuckle. Tina hits a handspring elbow but Cindy moves out of the way. Jana in now and hits a suplex and a camel clutch. Tina tries to fight back by Jana is in ctrol and soon tags out to Cindy who hits a leg drop on her. Suplex by Cindy. Cindy hits Tina’s head into Jana’s boot and tags out. Jana tries to keep Tina grounded and away from her tag partner, whips her into the corner and Tina goes down. Pin but no dice. Cindy gets in the ring now and applies a bow and arrow submission but Tina tries to roll into a pin but no three. Jana back in now with a powerslam and tries to go for a handspring into a splash but Tina moves out of the way and gets a hot tag to Marti. Marti now begins fighting off both Cindy and Jana. Goes for a pin on Cindy but Jana breaks it out. Tina throws Jana out of the ring, double-legged dropkick by Tina on Cindy. Backslide by Marti Belle and three count. New Tag Team Champions!!!

Winners and new Tag Team Champions: The Belle Saints

In the ring, Cindy and Jana arguing and shoving ensues. Jana walks out on Cindy.

Portia Perez vs ODB
Before the match starts, Portia makes fun of ODB’s gut and says her abs look better. ODB chest bumps her right down to the canvas. Drop toe-hold by ODB. An exchange of forearms now and a kick and chop by Portia. ODB now hits Portia with chops of her own — basically making Portia her b*tch. The fans are eating this up as ODB hits chops on Portia in nearly every ring corner. ODB has Portia in the tree of woe, climbs up on the middle rope, inserts her foot between Portia’s legs and begins stomping. Ouch! After a few minutes, Portia is now in control and begins hitting ODB with chops and then a shoulderblock in the corner. ODB backs her onto the canvas and goes for a pin but kick-out. Portia now has ODB in the corner and snapmares her and hits a dropkick into her back followed by a pin attempt. Headlock now by Portia. ODB gets to her feet with Portia on her back choking her out. ODB backs into the turnbuckles several times, getting Portia off her. Shoulder tackles now by ODB and Irish whip into corner followed by a big splash. Fall away slam by ODB on Portia. Running powerslam by ODB on Portia. That’s all, folks.

Winner: ODB

Best match so far. Fun spots with Portia trying to match ODB.

Rain and Jessicka Havok make their way down to the ring. Rain vs Jamilia Craft now.

Rain vs Jamilia Craft
Side headlock by Jamilia, Rain reverses into a legscissors but Jamilia re-reverses into a headlock. Rain with a front headlock as Jamilia tries to fight back and applies an armlock and goes into a cradle but no three count. Rain backs Jamilia into the corner and hits a big boot followed by a butt bump. She begins choking Jamilia with her foot. Snapmare and boot to the back. Headlock by Rain. Rain in control and hits her with knees to the stomach and pins her.

Winner: Rain

Jessicka Havok takes the mic now and says Rain had a great match but she wants to do this [her match] by herself and sends Rain to the back.

Havok challenges Amy Lee to a match. Jessicka says Amy is old and washed up.

Jessicka Havok vs Amy Lee
Amy Lee hits some big forearms followed by a clothesline and Jessicka rolls out of the ring with Lee following her. Lee hits Jessicka’s head off the apron. She throws Havok into the guardrail and hits her with a low dropkick. Havok then takes control, bouncing Lee’s head off the steel steps. The action returns to the ring, as the two battle for momentum. Amy goes for a splash to Havok in the corner, but she hits her with a boot followed by a bulldog. Near fall but Lee puts her foot on the ropes. Havok now trying to ground and pound on Lee. Lee hits her with a Samoan drop and goes for a pin but Havok kicks out. Double leg-drop now. Lee backs her into the corner and hits some hard chops to Havok’s chest. Havok manages to reverse a move and hits Lee with a back breaker across her knee.

Winner: Jessicka Havok

Good match, lots of brawling. Jessicka Havok is an impressive young talent.

After the match, Amy holds up her wristband which says ‘Luna’ on it as the crowd chants ‘Luna’. Nice tribute to the late Luna Vachon.

It’s now time for Serena vs Traci Brooks.

Serena takes the mic and says the girls in WSU are phenomenal and the fans are too. She says they have such passion etc. She says her time in WWE has changed her. She says she used to wrestle for the fans but now she doesn’t anymore. She says the fans’ cheers mean nothing to her. She says all she’s heard about is Mercedes Martinez. She says she’s the best in the world. She says the WSU World Title doesn’t mean anything. She says she’s here to be the World Champion but she’s insulted that she’s being made to wrestle for a future championship spot. Serena says she will become WSU World Champion and give it some credibility.

Serena vs Traci Brooks
Serena slaps Traci and tries to intimidate her but then gets hit with an arm drag. Serena backs her into the corner and hits her with some chops, however Traci soon hits her with chops of her own. Schoolgirl by Traci but Serena kicks out. Serena now takes control and goes for a cover but Traci kicks out. Serena props Traci up by the legs on the middle rope in a tree of woe position. Serena grabs Traci by the hair and pulls it before beginning to knee her in the back. She goes for a pin but no three. Headlock now. Traci with some elbows trying to break out but is backed into the corner by Serena. Serena stomps at Traci and then hits a snapmare and goes for a pin attempt. Another headlock. Jaw-breaker by Traci. Chop by Traci. Irish whip and shoulder tackles by Traci. Another jaw-breaker by Traci. Pin attempt but no three. Traci up on the top turnbuckle now. Serena grabs her leg and slams her onto the mat and goes for a pin but she kicks out. Traci is distracted by Amber on the apron, when she turns around, Serena hits her with a spear for the win.

Winner: Serena

Good match. Serena now in title contention.

It’s now time for a big grudge match for the All Guts No Glory Championship. Alicia vs Angel Orsini.

Alicia vs Angel Orsini
Angel trash talks Alicia but is shoved down by her. Now they begin brawling. Alicia with an armbar as Angel begins fighting back. Angel applies a leg submission but Alicia soon has control with a camel clutch. The two move to their feet and Angel begins wrenching Alicia’s arm and applies an armbar submission of her own. Alicia manages to go for a pin but Angel kicks out. Front headlock now but Angel hits her with a snapmare. Bodys-scissors by Alicia on Angel now. Angel reverses with a leg stretch submission. Alicia gets out of the move and Angel rolls out of the ring with an apparent wardrobe malfunction. Angel (now sporting a t-shirt given to her by a fan at ringside) is back in the ring and Alicia takes control with a butt-bump on Angel in the corner. After a few minutes, Angel is in control, hovering over a fallen Alicia and hitting her with forearms across the head. Great northern lights suplex by Orsini but Alicia kicks out. The two both go for a clothesline but end up taking each other out. Both are trying to get to their feet as the referee counts them out. Angel is up first and goes for her finisher but Alicia begins fighting back with elbows and a clothesline. Angel is in the corner as Alicia runs at her and hits a big boot to the chest. Fast forward a few minutes and Alicia hits a Michinoku driver but waits too long going for the pin and Angel kicks out. Alicia tries to get Angel to her feet, but Angel hits her with a jaw-breaker. Angel hits her finisher, the Kiss of Death (same move as Angelina Love‘s flatliner) and goes for cover by Alicia kicks out. Angel now gets a bedroom door (WTF???) from under the ring and props it up in the corner. Alicia picks up Angel and drives hits her with a huge spear through the door. Pin but somehow, Angel manages to kick out! Alicia goes for a Michinoku driver but Angel reverses and hits another Kiss of Death, this onto one broken half of the door. Pin and it’s over.

Winner and still All Guts No Glory Champion: Angel Orsini

Great, great match with an awesome hardcore spot.

It is now main event time as Mercedes Martinez defends the WSU World Championship against Jazz. Homicide joins commentary.

Mercedes Mercedes vs Jazz
We start with a lock-up followed by a side-headlock by Jazz. Martinez now reverses into her own headlock. The two are no on the canvas now as Jazz applies a front headlock but Mercedes counters into a hammerlock. Some more submission exchanges now with Jazz getting the upper hand. Mercedes now with a headscissors submission on Jazz. Jazz rolls through and applies a Sharpshooter. Pin attempt but no dice. The two break up and take a break, but Mercedes soon applies a submission move targeting Jazz’s injured knee. Now they’re on their feet exchanging hammerlocks before Martinez hits a fireman’s carry and now applies an arm-lock and goes into a headlock takedown. Mercedes applies the side headlock on the canvas as Jazz applies a headscissors on Mercedes. Martinez jumps up and hits a big shot to Jazz’s throat. Mercedes now fights hard with some big forearms and whips her off the ropes into a hard clothesline. Dropkick now and pin attempt but Jazz kicks out. Jazz ducks a clothesline, Martinez turns around and walks right into a beautiful right heel kick from Jazz.

Jazz is now choking Martinez over the bottom rope before hitting her with a flurry of forearm strikes across her face. She drags her into the ring and goes for a pin attempt but Jazz kicks out. Jazz now has Martinez in a headlock as the crowd try to will Martinez back into the contest. They get to their feet and Jazz walks into a big heel kick from Martinez.

Martinez goes up to the second turnbuckle and hits a big splash on Jazz. Martinez now with a butterfly submission with her legs wrapped around Jazz. Jazz manages to get out of the move but is hit with a forearm and chop by Martinez. Mercedes now tries to hook in the fisherman buster but Jazz holds her weight. Martinez with a big uppercut and the two begin fighting in the corner. Mercedes goes for a jumping crossbody from the corner turnbuckles but Jazz moves out of the way and Martinez eats canvas. Jazz now in control and hits a big legdrop. Jazz now applies a surfboard submission, driving her knee between Martinez’s shoulder blades. Jazz applies a headlock and Martinez begins fighting to her feet with elbows but is soon slammed back to the mat by Jazz. Forearms and strikes by Jazz followed by kicks to the stomach. Suplex by Jazz with a float-over into a pin but Martinez kicks out. Another headlock now by Jazz. Martinez gets on her feet and gets out of the move by hitting a jawbreaker on Jazz. They both go for a clothesline at the same time and both end up knocked out as the referee begins a double count-out. The two get to their feet and exchange big punches but Martinez gets the upperhand by hitting Jazz with a flurry of strikes. She now goes for the fisherman buster again but Jazz reverses into an inside cradle. Martinez kicks out. Martinez goes for a heel kick but Jazz manages to reverse it into an STF. The crowd chants, ‘Please don’t tap’ to Martinez. Martinez reaches the ropes and Jazz must break up the move. Jazz begins stomping at a fallen Martinez. Jazz signifies that this is the end and picks up Jazz for a powerslam and connects. Jazz wastes time before going for a cover. She finally goes for a pin but Martinez grabs the ropes. Jazz tries to go for a powerslam again but Martinez reverses into a fisherman buster and gets the win!

Winner and still WSU World Champion: Mercedes Martinez

Rain’s music hits now and she comes out to the ring with a microphone. Rain congratulates Martinez on her victory. She says last time they wrestled, Mercedes had Molly Holly in her corner making it easier for her to win. Rain challenges Martinez to an ‘I Quit’ match. Martinez says she’s been in cage matches, ladder matches and says an ‘I Quit’ match is no different and is just another excuse for her to kick Rain’s ass. She accepts the challenge. Rain backs out of the ring as Mercedes Martinez celebrates in the ring before retreating backstage.

That’s a wrap for the first ever WSU live iPPV.

Final Thoughts: Solid main event. Martinez and Jazz put in a hard-fought bout. Some of the matches were definitely better than others. The tail-end of the show was much better than the opening half. I’d recommend the last three matches above all. From a technical standpoint, I think WSU’s first foray into iPPV was well done — in fact, I was expecting a lot more kinks. The commentary was audible, the picture quality was good and I had no problems with my stream at all. The only issue is that the house microphone was far too quiet and the viewers at home could barely hear what was being said anytime a promo was being cut. If WSU can improve that, I think we’re good for future shows.

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