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Live Coverage of WSU Breaking Barriers 2: Steel Cage War Games Match & Melina’s First Post-WWE Match

Diva Dirt presents live, ongoing coverage of WSU’s Breaking Barriers 2 Internet pay per view tonight. The show kicks off at 7pm ET. Click here to order the iPPV.

All times are Eastern.

Welcome to our live coverage of WSU Breaking Barriers 2! Follow the coverage here on and our Twitter page, @divadirt. Tonight, WSU presents a stacked card including the first ever steel cage War Games match, as well as former WWE Divas Champion, Melina‘s return to the ring. Plus, Becky Bayless (TNA’s Cookie) will be in action as well as many other stars.

Diva Dirt will be the official media partner for WSU Breaking Barriers 2. Diva Dirt’s Steven is the official correspondent, conducting exclusive backstage interviews with the WSU stars during the pay per view.

Good video package promoting the War Games match opens the show. Opening contest is Jetta & Rain vs Boston Shore for the WSU World Tag Team Championship.

WSU Tag Team Championship: Boston Shore vs Rain & Jetta
Before the match, Jetta & Rain engage in a dance-off, joking around with the Boston girls. Jetta & Rain do “rock, paper, scissors” to determine who will get in the ring first. We start with Lexxus and Rain.

Rain & Jetta with good tag team working, tagging in and out a lot, controlling Lexxus and not allowing her to tag out to her tag team partner, Amber.

Lexxus finally tags in Amber who works over Rain by raking her eyes over the top rope. Amber with the control on Rain now. Rain finally manages to break free and hits a unique submission on Amber. Lexxus hits the ring and breaks it up by kicking Rain.

Stream dropped. Looks like we’re having technical difficulties.

I’m told that Boston Shore won.

Winners Boston Shore

Loser Leaves WSU: Niya vs Jennifer Cruz
Niya with a lot of fast paced action taking it to Cruz. Crowd is firmly behind Niya too. Niya with a nice dive to the outside on Cruz. Very impressive in this match.

The two women get back into the ring. Cruz grounds Niya with a hard clothesline and begins working her over. Cruz goes up top but Niya gets to her feet and hits a snapmare on Cruz to the mat. Pin attempt but Cruz kicks out. Niya with inside cradle, but Cruz kicks out again. Cruz takes Niya down again & goes up top again. This time she goes for a headbutt but Niya rolls out of the way.

Niya with a nice belly-to-belly suplex. Niya with a beautiful handspring splash, goes for a cover but only a two-count.

Cruz gets up and hits a chokeslam variation and goes for pin but Niya kicks out.

Niya with a kick to the head and goes up top & hits Cruz with a crossbody and goes for pin but Cruz reverses and pins Niya.

Winner: Jennifer Cruz

Niya is out of WSU!

Cruz cuts a promo about beating Niya and sending “that piece of crap” back to New Mexico. Jennifer Cruz makes a challenge and April Hunter answers!

April Hunter vs Jennifer Cruz
April mocks Cruz, by kneeling down to meet her height and then chest-bumps her with her er, ample assets.

April with multiple suplexes and a pin attempt on Cruz. One sided match. Hunter controls Jennifer and makes her tap.

Note: Video exclusive from WSU pre-show now up here. Altercation between Team WSU & Midwest Militia.

Backstage, Diva Dirt’s Steven holds a coin toss between Jessicka Havok and Mercedes Martinez to determine who will enter the War Games match first.

April Hunter back in the ring saying she feels she’s earned a regular spot on the WSU roster.

NYWC Starlet Championship: Violet vs Bonesaw Jessie Brook vs Gabby Gilbert vs Nikki Syxx (Elimination Rules)
Syxx and Brook fighting outside. In the ring, Violet and Gabby. Violet with a bulldog on Gabby and a pin attempt. Gabby kicks out. Gabby with a Samoan drop on Violet. Violet eliminated.

Brook goes for covers on both Gabby and Syxx but both kick out. Gabby & Brook team up on Nikki, then fight each other. Brook with a nice armbar submission on Gilbert. Submission broken up. Gilbert in the corner and Brook with a running knee. Pin attempt but Gilbert kicks out. Gabby with a crossface on Brook. Jessie Brook eliminated.

Syxx vs Gilbert now as the last two standing. Syxx with a side chokeslam and pin attempt but Gilbert kicks out. Backbreaker by Syxx. Nikki with a senton attempt from the top but misses. Gabby takes advantage and goes up top and tries a senton of her own but also misses.

Both ladies try to rise to their feet and exchange blows. Gilbert with an overhead suplex on Syxx. Syxx goes for a kick but misses. Gilbert with Samoan drop attempt but Nikki reverses into a roll-up and wins.

Winner: Nikki Syxx

Next up Belle Saints vs Soul Sisters.

Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio) vs Soul Sisters (Jana & Luscious Latasha)
The two teams shake hands before the match. Marti and Jana kicking things off. The two have a back and forth exchange. Marti with a headscissors and tag out to Tina. Jana takes control of Tina with a leg-scissors wrapped around her opponent’s neck. Jana tags out to Latasha.

Tina with a powerslam on Latasha for a pin attempt but no three count. Side headlock. Latasha now begins offense with a dropkick, snapmare and nice front dropkick. Tina blind tags Marti and they hit a tag team clothesline on Latasha. Marti with a front headlock on Latasha & tags in Tina. Double team side-Russian leg sweep. Tina with a snapmare and neck snap. Pin attempt but no three. Tina with a cartwheel bump into the corner on Latasha & Marti with a running knee. Suplex by Tina. Commentator says tension between Belle Saints.

Latasha begins fighting back but Tina wrenches her arm and tags in Marti, but does it in a harsh way, teasing dissension. Marti back in the ring against Latasha. Frustration between the Belle Saints. Marti tags out to Tina. Latasha tries to tag Jana but Tina blocks her. Latasha finally begins fighting back and Tina tags out. Marti now taking it to Latasha but Latasha counters into a neckbreaker.

Tina and Jana get hot tags. Jana with lots of offense on Tina and hits a cartwheel splash. Pin attempt but Tina kicks out. Tina begins fighting back with elbows to the stomach, she runs the ropes but Marti blind tags herself in. Marti & Tina argue. Meanwhile, Latasha & Jana hit a double team dropkick on Marti which knocks Tina off the apron. Jana with a front headlock submission and Marti taps.

Winners and new No. 1 Contenders for Tag Team Titles: Soul Sisters

Tina takes to the mic and begins trashing Marti. Marti grabs the mic and says she knows Tina’s secret and it’s time it comes out. Amy Lee hits the ring and shows some footage on the titantron which reveals that Tina faked her attack earlier in the year. Marti begins crying and says Tina turned her back on her and the WSU fans. Tina asks for forgiveness. They hug but Tina takes out Marti and leaves her lying in the ring.

Really great angle. Strong acting from both ladies.

Rick Cataldo vs Becky Bayless
Before the match, Cataldo takes the microphone. I love this guy! So funny… He says he doesn’t give a f**k about Becky and will break her nails, face etc. He calls her a “drunk whore” and brings up her past DUI.

Out comes Becky and gets on the mic. Becky says he’s a joke and while she was working and traveling around the world in TNA, he was watching gay porn in his mom’s basement. She says he’s disrespecting WSU, the women backstage and the fans and she’ll beat some respect into him.

Cataldo slaps Becky but she fires back with several slaps of her own and a hard chop. Cataldo leapfrogs Becky and tries to pin her but she sits on his face which makes him squeam! He jumps out of the ring and Becky gives chase. They get back in the ring & Cataldo takes control now. He chokes her over the middle rope. He rakes her eyes and then tries to bite her nails off but Becky hits a jawbreaker and goes for a pin but doesn’t get a three. Cataldo rakes her eyes and goes to work on her but Becky with a hard slap and a bulldog. Pin attempt.

Becky with an Oklahoma roll but Cataldo kicks out. Cataldo hits her face first against the mat. Side backbreaker over Cataldo’s knee on Becky. Cataldo in control, but Becky soon fights back by slamming him head first several times on the top turnbuckle while she’s sitting there… Pin attempt but Rick grabs the ropes.

Becky with a neckbreaker, snapping the back of Cataldo’s neck over her shoulder (like Layla‘s Layout).

Becky with the pin.

Winner: Becky Bayless

Such a fun match! The pre-match promos were epic. Best segment so far.

Out next is WSU commissioner Amy Lee. She teases the reveal for Melina’s opponent. She brings out Serena to address the fans. Serena apologizes for not being able to perform tonight. She says she was looking forward to the match with Melina and calls her an amazing performer. She says she had a bad concussion. Serena says she gives it everything she has when she gets in the ring and never half-asses. Serena says she will be back and we will see the best of Serena.

Serena says she came here tonight to warmly welcome Melina to WSU and is excited to see who her opponent is. Serena says she wants to join Cindy Rogers on commentary for the match. She says she’s excited to see this match.

Amy Lee announces Lexxus as Melina’s opponent. Amy says she picked Lexxus because she survived 73 minutes against the greatest champion in Mercedes Martinez. Tonight is her chance to wrestle a former WWE Women’s Champion and not to make her regret the decision.

Melina vs Lexxus
Lexxus trash talks Melina. Melina gets back in her face. They tussle on the mat for a moment and then begin locking up. Melina with an arm lock submission but Lexxus breaks out of the hold. Melina and Lexxus exchange blows.

Lexxus begins offense on Melina with kicks and an Irish whip into a hard clothesline. Pin attempt but no three for Lexxus. Lexxus begins stomping on Melina and slaps her in the face. Lexxus rams Melina’s head into the turnbuckle and begins choking her out with her foot. Lexxus trash talks as Melina recovers and hits her with a back elbow and then hits a move off the second rope. Pin attempt by Melina but no three.

Melina with a running shoulder tackle in the corner on Lexxus. Melina hits her double-knee smash on Lexxus in the corner. Pin attempt but no three.

Lexxus gets to her feet and begins taking it to Melina. She goes for a baseball slide but Melina moves out of the way and Lexxus ends up on the outside. Melina with a clothesline from the ring apron on Lexxus. Melina rams her into the side of the ring. Lexxus begins fighting back and slams Melina against the hard floor face-first.

Back in the ring, pin attempt by Lexxus followed by a camel clutch. Lexxus chokes Melina over the middle rope using her leg, then Melina reverses and does the same to Lexxus. Lexxus with a back elbow and snapmare on Melina followed by a hard kick to the back. Pin attempt by Lexxus but no three.

Lexxus with a hair toss on Melina. Melina begins fighting back and gets to her feet as the crowd will her back into the match. Melina with a backslide but Lexxus kicks out. Lexxus takes control again and goes for a pin attempt of her own. Lexxus with a strike across the chest. Melina fights back with forearm shots. Melina goes for her splits kick but Lexxus moves out of the way. Lexxus hits her with a dropkick and pin attempt but no three count.

Lexxus begins choking out Melina. Melina gets to her feet and hits a hair toss and dropkick on Lexxus. Melina fights back with forearms and another hair toss. Melina whips Lexxus and hits a spinning heel kick. Eye rake by Lexxus. Melina with a drop toe hold onto the middle rope. Lexxus with a double knee smash. Front faceplant by Melina and a pin attempt. Lexxus reverses an Irish whip and hits a jawbreaker on Melina.

Both women try to will themselves back into the match. Melina goes for the Sunset Split but Lexxus’ tag partner Amber comes out to ringside with a chair. Serena leaves commentary and flees Amber from ringside. Lexxus hits her finisher and goes for two pins but Melina manages to kick out.

Melina finally hits the Sunset Split for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Melina

After the match, Amber jumps in the ring and attacks Melina. Melina is laid out. Serena can’t make the save due to her concussion, but Rain comes out and chases off the Boston Shore.

Rain and a referee help Melina to the back.

Backstage, Steven interviews the Midwest Militia about the War Games match.

The WSU Hall of Fame Class of 2012 announced: Cindy Rogers, Georgiann Makropoulos, Jana and TNA President Dixie Carter. Yeah, you read that right… Dixie. Um…

Backstage, Steven interviews Jana & Latasha. Interview interrupted when Lexxus attacks Serena backstage.

Video package for main event.

Tina San Antonio cuts a promo on Marti Belle. She challenges her to a match at the 5th Anniversary Show next March.

A lot of time needed to set up the cage.

Steel Cage War Games Match: Midwest Militia vs Team WSU
In all honestly, I have no idea what the rules are for a match like this and they were read out too quickly for me to understand. Anyhoo, Stephie and Martinez kick things off while the other four ladies stand outside the ring. Martinez with the early control, taking it to Stephie. Martinez lights Stephie up with hard chops. Stephie with a nice sitout takedown. Stephie with a headlock but Martinez hits a jawbreaker on her and gets out of it. Martinez in control now, smashing Stephie’s head against the cage. Stephie eventually begins fighting back & has a chinlock applied as another entrant enters the match — Allysin Kay. Stephie and Kay double team Mercedes but she begins fighting back and lights up Kay with chops. Mercedes clubs Kay across the chest several times and then grates her forehead on the cage. Kay reverses and grates Martinez’s forehead on the cage. Stephie & Kay work over Martinez as a double team. They try to keep Martinez grounded with chokes and smashing her head against the mat. Kay with a camel clutch as Stephie talks trash.

Brittney Savage now enters the cage with a clothesline on Stephie. Kay goes for a backbreaker but she reverses into a backstabber. Stephie vs Brittney now. Clothesline from Savage. Kay attacks her from behind. Martinez back on her feet and chops Kay again. Kay chops Martinez back. Exchange of blows. Meanwhile, Stephie is battling Brittney.

Jessicka enters the cage now and goes straight after Martinez with a kick and several forearm shots. Jessicka tosses her across the ring. then she picks up Brittney for a twirly-birdy and slingshots her into the cage. Kay & Havok pick up Brittney and ram her into the cage. Another double team move as Havok hoists up Brittney and Kay hits her with a codebreaker. Havok with a superplex on Martinez.

Alicia hits the ring and takes down Kay & Stephie. She throws Kay into the side of the cage. Two Michinoku drivers on Kay and Stephie. Alicia whips Stephie into Kay and then hits a superkick on them. They slump to the canvas and she hits a running butt bump. However, Havok then hits her with a big boot. Brittney hits Havok across the back but Havok picks her up by the throat, pinning her against the side of the cage. Martinez makes the save and hits several suplexes on Havok.

Kay is trying to climb over the top of the cage but Alicia and Martinez try to bring her back in. Kay ends up in tree of woe position hanging from the top of the cage!!! Martinez hits her with chops. Brittney climbs up on middle rope and hits her with kicks to the stomach. Martinez with a running kick to the head and Kay falls to the floor.

Brittney applies a camel clutch on Kay, and Alicia does same to Stephie. Meanwhile, Martinez and Havok brawling. Martinez grates Havok’s head on the side of the cage and kicks her in the head.

Havok and Martinez find themselves on the outside of the cage!

Kay once again cimbs up top and Alicia tries to pull her down. Havok has a pair of handcuffs and cuffs the doors shut while Martinez is still stuck outside!

Allysin Kay attacks referee Amy Lee!

Mercedes Martinez tries to climb into the ring over the top.

The Militia take out Alicia & Brittney but then Mercedes hits a triple crossbody on all three members. She tosses them into the side of the cage. Team WSU makes a comeback by taking it to all three members of the Militia.

Martinez and and Alicia hit a double team move on Stephie. Alicia holds her up in powerbomb position & Martinez jumps off the top rope to assist.

Alicia & Havok battling. Havok is busted open.

Kay unlocks the handcuffs that had locked the cage door. Kay flees and Brittney runs after her. Back in the ring, Martinez climbs the turnbuckles and hits a missile dropkick on Havok.

Allysin Kay returns to ringside with a MACHETE!

Havok & Martinez on the top rope against the cage, Havok with a side-Russian leg sweep off the rope and to the canvas below.

Havok & Stephie handcuff Brittney to the bottom rope. Alicia is also handcuffed on the other side of the cage.

Havok tries to get on the mic. Havok says “now the takeover starts” and Amy Lee is no longer the top dog in WSU.

Kay & Stephie prop up Mercedes as Havok screams at her. She says come March at the 5th Anniversary Show, Martinez will no longer be WSU Champion. Havok begins trashing all the women and laying in kicks to the handcuffed women. Havok gets in Martinez’s face but she spits in Havok’s face. Havok goes crazy and grabs the machete and threatens Martinez.

Havok hits a Samoan drop on Martinez. Kay & Stephie hold down Martinez as Havok stands over her threatening to stab her with the machete.

Not sure how the finish came, but I believe Brittney said “I quit”, giving the Midwest Militia the win.

Winners: Midwest Militia

Havok holds up the machete and WSU World Championship over Martinez’s fallen body.

The Militia admire their handiwork before leaving ringside as officials come to check on Team WSU and Amy Lee.

I really don’t know what to make of that ending. It was extremely dramatic and over the top to the point of WCW flashbacks, but at the same time, Jessicka Havok is so deliciously evil, that it somehow works. I really don’t know how I feel about the ending…

Final Thoughts
I felt this show was more hit and miss than some of the past couple of iPPVs. I have to say, the June iPPV, from top to bottom, was very cohesive and this one seems to have lost that cohesiveness throughout the show. I definitely enjoyed the Becky/Rick match, which was the highlight for me. Just an entertaining match. Not exactly technically brilliant, but very fun and lively. The pre-match promos were great. The ending of the main event was just crazy — I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. The match, however, featured a ton of hard hitting action. Good stuff, but kind of hard to keep track of everything that was going on. Melina vs Lexxus was okay. Serena’s promo was very heartwarming.

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