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Live Report from WrestleMania Axxess

Diva Dirt reader Tommy sent the following report on his experiences at Axxess:

I spent the majority of my Saturday at WWE Axxess sessions 1 and 3. A vast number of Divas made appearances throughout the day and I first met Natalya. She was extremely sweet and was truly happy to be there with all the fans. I was orignally was in line for JR but he had to leave at a point and Vickie replaced him. As I was walking up the stairs I tripped and almost fell (last time I ever wear flip flops) and Vickie showed great concern for me and made sure I was alright. I got a quick pic with her and autograph from her and I wished her luck for her match at WrestleMania. I even asked her if she was ready to kick some you know what and she said “Oh yeah,” with a firm nodd. Layla was at the event but I didn’t get a chance to see here as Tiffany replaced her. Tiffany was really gorgeous in person. As I waited in line, she seemed a bit uncomfortable. I didn’t know why but she was extremely nice. Alicia Fox appeared on the other side and compared to all the other Divas, I have never seen someone so full of life. She was having fun and made jokes with the fans. When my brother met her, he asked if the Divas match would be chaos? And she simply laughed and said of course it is!

Session 1 was over so I decided to go to the third one. A majority of the stars appearing were from NXT and former ECW stars and a few Divas. I first saw Savannah who came straight from the Hall of Fame. Definitely a sweet girl. When I finished up with her, I noticed this huge line for someone. I immeditately assumed it was some male Superstar but it was not. It was the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. I was completely surprised. The line was so long that people made their own line after the barriers. I think I waited for about an hour to see her but it was worth it. She’s so much more beautiful in person especially in the dress she was wearing since she also came from the Hall of Fame. I told her to kick some Diva ass tomorrow and she laughed. She was definfitely one of my favorite Divas that I met.

After Beth left, Mickie came on and I was so excited! Mickie James is one of my favorite Divas and just to see her fifty feet away was amazing. She looked really beautiful in the dress she was wearing. I think I waited about an hour and half for her, longer than any other Superstar I waited for that day but it was definitely worth the wait. I came up to her and her voice seemed a bit rapsy. Maybe it was from singing since she was performing the night before but nonetheless, it was so amazing to meet her. I wished her the best of luck on her music career and told her to get her single on iTunes so I can buy it and she said she’s working on it! Meeting Mickie was the highlight of my evening.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I loved every second of it especilly since this was my first time ever meeting WWE stars this close. I would wait in line all over again but just wear different shoes so I’m not in horrible pain.

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