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Lockdown in Review: Madison and Gail Leave it in the Ring

Hey guys, Chris here! I know you’re as shocked as I am! TNA still has actual Pay-Per-Views? Actual PPVs still exist? If your answer to those questions was “No”, I’m afraid you’re going to have to step off the DixieTrain. Choo choo, darlin’.

Speaking of Dixie Carter, She cut a really funny promo in the second segment of the show. Say what you will about her, but her heel promos are always a highlight for me. We’ll see what becomes of them now that she’s lost control of TNA. Damn you, Bully Ray!

Next we have the soon to be legendary angle with Christy Hemme and Sam Shaw. Shaw is facing off against Mr. Anderson and Hemme comes to ringside at the start of the match. Hemme ends up getting dragged through the camera hole in the cage (yes, you read that right) by Shaw! It was certainly a very…..interesting segment.

Of course what we’re all here for is the Knockouts Championship match, as Gail Kim challenges her former best friend, Madison Rayne in a steel cage.

Wow. I know I’ve been really critical about the Knockouts over the past few months but this was definitely something to enjoy. The first thing I noticed is that it appears that both Madison as well as Gail were rocking new attires. Right from the moment the bell rang it appeared that this was going to be a very physical match and these two certainly did not disappoint! These two made full use of the cage including multiple spots with both ladies attempting to climb the cage. A personal highlight for me was Gail’s neckbreaker. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wrestler do a neckbreaker off the cage like that before.

Madison has improved leaps and bounds since her return and at this rate I actually prefer her working as a face. I really enjoy the headscissors into the cage as well. And it’s not only just the new moves she’s dishing out, I also really enjoy the aggressive attitude Madison has been showing since her return and you can see that shining through more and more every match. However, I’m pretty sure it’s time for TNA to retire “Killer Queen” as her theme song as the new 2014 remix is one of the most annoying theme songs I’ve heard in a long long time.

Gail and Madison impressed inside the cage. I just wish the build-up to the match could have been as good as the match itself. That’s a large issue within TNA itself. They will have excellent matches with absolutely horrible build-up and or storylines. I don’t doubt that any of the girls on the roster currently can impress in the ring, but to a certain extent they are limited to what they can do due to the storylines. Madison vs Gail should have been the easiest feud that they could have booked, but even that fell victim to a poor build-up due to a never ending eight week tour of England.

I’m really interested to see where the Knockouts go from here. Who steps up to challenge Madison next? I just hope there’s a great storyline to go with the great action.

That’s your review of Lockdown. Gail and Madison shine where it matters the most – in the ring! Until Thursday, choo choo darlins’.

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