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Lucha Underground 08/01/18: The death dealers

Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground review, Believers! This is a short one but worth covering because we had two major updates regarding our Luchadoras.

First up we have the Reptile Tribe still going at it with Worldwide Underground. A match between Daga and PJ Black takes place.

The winner is Daga. Kobra Moon calls her clan to beat down PJ after the match. Worldwide Underground comes to his aid. Kobra then challenges Johnny Mundo for next week’s episode, stipulation being if the Reptile Tribe wins, he joins them but if Worldwide Underground wins, Johnny gets to make a wish. (??)

Shortly after, however, we catch a glimpse of what happened to Big Ryck from Season 1. Catrina appears to the Mack and she gives him a warning from Mil Muertes. A locker opens with the skull of Big Ryck in it.

Later on Taya ups the ante on the Reptile tribe. She decapitates Vibora!

Thoughts: Ok, ok, ok! I find it interesting to see Worldwide Underground gain fan support this season by pitting them against the Reptile Tribe. In the world of Lucha Underground the lines are blurred so it’s not just a matter of heels vs faces. I like that fans are basically choosing to come to Worldwide Underground’s side, especially after Johnny and Taya’s antics from last season when they bullied Sexy Star, who was the temple’s pure white babyface at the time, ruthlessly.

I think it was a great decision to do this. Kobra Moon, despite her growing experience from her indie days, can only gain more status by having her and her minions go up against Johnny and his team.

Having Taya and Johnny go after Vibora and take him out in what only can be described as a homage to Indiana Jones was peak entertainment. I enjoyed it.

And Catrina is shifty as ever. She’s pulling back and forth between her duty to Mil Muertes and she’s still doing his bidding. I love that they followed up with Big Ryck’s disappearance from Season 1. She’s still a huge threat in this universe and I have to wonder if she’ll turn a corner soon since she seems to have that thought in the back of her mind after coming back to life.

All in all, another fantastic episode even if we didn’t get any women’s action this week.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Did you enjoy what Taya and Johnny did? What do you think Catrina will do next? Sound off in the comments below.

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