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Lucha Underground 08/08/18: A proposal

Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground review, Believers! This Wednesday’s episode finally got down to the climax of the Reptile Tribe’s feud with Worldwide Underground.

And we finally see Mariposa in action since the first episode of the season! Let’s dive in.

The show opens up with Mariposa approaching Antonio Cueto. She demands a Gift of the Gods title match and bribes Cueto for it.

Before we get to that match, Ivelisse is back and partnering with XO Lishus against Joey Ryan and Jack Evans. Ivelisse fought Joey Ryan a few weeks ago one on one for an Aztec Medallion.

Ivelisse and Jack start off the match. They trade off defense maneuvers before Ivelisse can get a swift handle on Jack by planting a hurricanrana. Jack tags in Joey and Ivelisse hits him as hard as she can before tagging in XO.

There’s a lot of teasing and twerking before Joey tags in Jack again. Jack and XO go back and forth, XO with his fabulous offense while Jack tries to dodge it. XO tags Ivelisse back in and she tussles with both Jack and Joey. Jack takes her down and this allows his team to control the match. She bounces back with a wheelbarrow into a floating DDT move and tags her partner in.

They go back and forth before Jack pulls out of the match and XO goes after Joey. Jack, the legal man comes back in and plants XO with a modified go go platter. XO refuses to give up and passes out, giving Jack and Joey the win. However, Jack doesn’t let go until Ivelisse charges in. Joey says what the hell and they depart the area.

Up next is El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Mariposa.

She controls the first bit of the match before El Dragon turns the tables. She comes back with a huge Samoan Drop and they go back and forth. He pulls off a 450 but Mariposa still doesn’t go down. She hits the Butterfly Effect but it doesn’t put El Dragon away.

She tries it again but El Dragon takes her by surprise and wins with a roll up.

The main event is our Atomicos match between the Reptile Tribe and Worldwide Underground.

Taya and Johnny Mundo took out Vibora on last week’s episode. Kobra Moon reveals a newly resurrected Jeremiah Crane who’s now a part of her clan.

So it’s Kobra Moon, Daga, Drago and Jeremiah vs Johnny, PJ Black, Taya and Aerostar. Aerostar is a surprise to everyone and he has a deep history with the Reptile Tribe already, losing his best friend Drago to the tribe.q

An Atomicos Match is chaos so everyone pairs off to fight. Everyone gets their chance at a high flying moment. The focus is mostly on Jeremiah and Johnny though throughout.

Eventually the Reptile Tribe swarms Johnny as he defends himself against the whole team. Taya and PJ come to his aid and clear the ring for him, leaving Drago to go after Johnny. He plants him with his End of the World finisher to win the match.

Now that he’s won, he receives one the promise of a wish granted. He uses his wish for Aerostar and he wishes for Drago’s freedom! Taya starts freaking out at this kind gesture. She’s confused at his change of heart.

She reveals she’s pissed off because she feels their fight against the Reptiles was for nothing but Johnny says the only person who could grant his wish is her and he proposes.


Thoughts: Wowww, let’s go backwards shall we. I enjoyed the end of this episode, putting the Reptile Tribe and Worldwide Underground in the main event was the right call since this finally ends their feud while also furthering Drago and Aerostar’s story, which is not what I was expecting at all.

I like how Kobra Moon has been showcased this entire season so far and her stock, as well as the group is still high because they had such an experienced team in the Worldwide Underground to bounce off of.

Johnny and Taya got officially married a few months ago in real life and it’s sweet, even though she’s still evilish, to end the episode with their proposal. I loved it! I also really enjoyed this altruistic side of Johnny Mundo, giving Aerostar his wish for Drago’s freedom. Great move! Remember in the first season Johnny was a face character, succumbing over time to his ego. There’s so much more to do with his group that it’s exciting to think of the possibilities, especially after that last shot of Ricky Mundo with his creepy doll.

Onto what disappointed me most in this episode, the handling of Mariposa. I’m so confused by how she’s being written this season. We ended last season with her renouncing her brother and now it’s like the show doesn’t know where to go with her? I could think of a few possibilities: She could feud with her brother Marty? She could slowly change over time or be more featured in some other way? She could turn a new leaf? Be demasked? Because right now I’m a bit at a loss as to why her match with El Dragon was so short when she’s a complete wrestler and can bring it when featured. It’s kind of disheartening, especially since the women’s roster is so small.

But Ivelisse being back in action was a welcome surprise and it’s my first time being introduced to XO, Sonny Kiss. He’s amazing! I’m curious to see if their partnership will last or if she’s going to eventually propel herself into the spotlight again to try and go for the LU championship. We still don’t have a clear light bringer like we’ve had in the past with Sexy Star.

While the Temple has been known for it’s coveted darkness, despair, and violence there have always been characters that represent hope and light. This season feels different and more murky so things seem to be in a transitional stage. I’m hoping things pick up soon.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What do you want to see Mariposa do next? What’s in store for Ivelisse? Did you enjoy the climax to the Reptile Tribe vs Worldwide Underground? Sound off in the comments below.

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