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Lucha Underground Analysis (April 15th, 2015): Sexy Saves Melissa from Becoming Pentagon’s Prey

Hello Lucha fans and welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground Analysis!

Before next week’s guaranteed Ivelisse-centric episode and following last week’s female-filled instalment, this week was an example of LU appreciating their female wrestling fanbase by at least giving us a few short but sweet moments. No backstage segments or matches took place involving our favourite female luchadores yet the feud between Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr took an unprecedented turn via a short in-ring segment.

I will firstly draw your attention to a YouTube exclusive segment that aired before last night’s show that shone the spotlight on Melissa Santos, Underground’s radiant ring announcer. She discussed how she loves getting to witness the amazing Lucha Underground action and she discusses some of her favourite moments thus far from the series.

She says that some of the luchadores can be intimidating, particularly Pentagon Jr. She says she is creeped out by his whole get-up. Don’t let him hear you say that Melissa!

Mel also discusses having Dario Cueto as a boss. She says that she must watch what she says yet she still thinks Dario is a pr**k! Again Melissa, don’t let him hear you say that!

Onto this week’s show and we first see Melissa who is rocking some hot pants! She may need to watch what she says yet she definitely doesn’t need any lessons in how to look good! Melissa is stood in the ring with Pentagon Jr of all people, and Matt Striker notes that he is not scheduled to compete.

Pentagon whispers something to Melissa and she says that Pentagon wants to dedicate his next victim to his master, who is still unknown. Melissa begins to exit the ring yet it s obvious who Pentagon’s next victim is… HER! Now we know why she is in shorts and not a dress!

Pentagon grabs at Melissa’s hair and yanks her around the ring. Refreshingly, Melissa doesn’t just stand there and take it! She shoves Pentagon in the face, desperately trying to push him off. She manages to get away momentarily and tries to flee under the bottom rope.

Vampiro stands up from the announce desk declaring that he cannot sit back and watch this! As Melissa was rolling under the bottom rope, she is now on the mat, in perfect position for Penta to snap her arm. Oh dear. He drags her away from the apron and looks to break her arm but out of nowhere, the shining saviour Sexy Star shows up on the scene!

Sexy dropkicks Pentagon in the face, ensuring that he does not mess with Melissa anymore. Pentagon’s plan has clearly worked and he got the attention of Sexy yet again. Sexy walks Melissa to safety before telling the “a**hole” that he has gone way too far this time. It is obvious that Pentagon will stop at nothing to impress his master, yet can the light of Sexy Star vanquish the darkness of Pentagon Jr?

Thoughts: I love how Lucha Underground managed to pack so much action into a minute long segment!

Firstly, Pentagon’s loyal service to his unknown master was teased yet again, foreshadowing a story that will surely be revealed eventually. I am wondering if Pentagon’s master is the monster that slaughtered Black Lotus‘ parents?

Vampiro getting back into the ring was also teased, which I really enjoyed. It gives his character more of a dimension and makes me like him even more. If anyone is familiar with the dark side, it is Vamp.

I also loved that Melissa received some limelight this week, even if half of it was in a YouTube exclusive video and not on the show. Melissa showed some personality, sass and attitude in the online video and I appreciate getting to know more about her through that clip.

I was impressed with additionally utilising her on this week’s episode too as another plot device to weave into the Sexy and Pentagon rivalry. Pentagon is seriously dangerous and will even attack innocent women. That fact he is so vindictive and malicious will make fans want to root even harder for Sexy Star. I love that Melissa tried to fight back too, despite her saying that she is really scared of Pentagon. She tried her damn hardest to avoid ending up in the hospital and I loved it. Very cool to see her not just acting like a victim or having an over-the-top reaction to a bump like a referee.

Sexy saving the day yet again was so fun. I love her character and love this feud. Pentagon has mistreated innocent people and even broke the arm of the man Sexy Star was forced to unmask after a very raw and touching moment. This has gotten really personal, really quick. I can’t wait for it to next get really physical.

Next week’s show is shaping up to be massive too. Ivelisse is really up against it in the finals of the Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament. Can the “Baddest Bitch in the Building” pull it out of the bag? I sure bloody hope so!

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