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Lucha Underground Analysis (April 29th, 2015): Cueto’s Connection to Black Lotus’s Nemesis Revealed

Lucha Underground let the ladies of Lucha take a small backseat this week after their domination of the show last Wednesday, yet it still did not disappoint! Between that and Channel 4’s The Island with Bear Grylls in the UK, Wednesday nights are so good for TV!

The El Rey Network’s awesomely brilliant exclusive furthered the storyline involving Black Lotus, as the man she wants to “kill with my bare hands” was thrust into backstage segment spotlight. Lucha Underground owner Dario Cueto has seemingly had a connection to the so-called Matanza, and that relationship was revealed this week. Unfortunately, we only got to see Matanza’s monstrous shadow once more.

On top of that, the NEW Trios Tag Team Champions Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico were given the night off following their main event wins last week, but that didn’t stop the threesome getting everyone talking about them some more in a very dysfunctional ringside interview with Vampiro. I’m beside myself just thinking about the epicness so let’s dive right into the action and pretend we’re Angelico leaping from the office roof!

We open the show with an interesting backstage segment featuring Dario Cueto and The Crew. Dario says that he cannot believe The Crew were unable to beat two guys and one girl with one leg last week when he handed a golden opportunity to them on a silver platter. He tells the three stooges to go inside a dark and dingy room, and the key around Dario’s neck is alluded to be of use inside.

Once inside, The Crew gasp as a large shadow projects across their confused and petrified faces. Dario says that if they let him down again, they can go inside the cage and apologize to him. *Gulp*

So Mr. Cueto is related to the man who murdered Black Lotus’ parents. And so are the Days of our Lives…

Our next point of importance is not just related to a Luchadora, it features one too! Ivelisse is sat at ringside alongside Son of Havoc and Angelico, and Vampiro has drew the short straw to try and pull an interview off and get a word in edge-ways with these guys!

Our favourite wannabe Mexican (who is actually Canadian) introduces the new champs and Ivelisse rolls her eyes when Son of Havoc gets a little more attention from Vamp. Ivelisse says that it feels amazing to the first-ever champions and it is all because she stepped up as team captain and got everyone on the same page by directing traffic.

Son of Havoc says he is in charge as he was the one who got them into the finals yet Angelico thinks he is the top dog due to his amazing dive from the office roof (it really was astounding, yet back to Ivelisse before she hits me with a Singapore cane). Ivelisse says that Angelico has not stopped blabbing on about his big leap. She tells him “it was a just a crossbody” – LOL. He objects and says that it was “the crossbody”!

Angelico says that the situation has not gotten better outside the ring, yet Ivelisse says that when it is her time – cast or not – she will stand up and fight. She then gets annoyed at Havoc for stealing her line and the bickering kicks off yet again. Vampiro casually puts his clipboard down and walks off – he is channeling Sweet Brown… although I think he grabbed shoes, Jesus.

Thoughts: A mix of both fun and incredibly interesting developments this week.

Although Black Lotus was nowhere to be seen, the reveal that Dario Cueto is in fact the brother of the man who murdered her parents was a very cool twist. We also know that Dario’s key is the key to Matanza’s cage. Now all we need to know is when does Dario plan on letting his brother run wild? I imagine that if Black Lotus wants to get to him, she will have to get through Dario and The Crew first.

Ivelisse’s interview was such a cool segment. Ringside interviews filmed like this are very rare, and I really like that Lucha Underground are able to present their talent in a unique way like this. It is awesome that a female has finally got one of them too! Ivelisse stepping up to say that she was the leader first was cool; she is the baddest bitch in building after all, who else would take charge? The excerpts of last week’s matches interspersed with the interview was clever editing to really emphasise what each member of the team were saying.

These guys are a barrel of laughs and secretly, deep down they respect each other. It will be fun to see that come through a little more as Ivelisse reluctantly let’s her guard down some more and start to care about the boys. Let’s hope this doesn’t end up in a love triangle story though. We have seen that way too many times and ‘trouble in paradise’ involving a female character like this is really fresh.

After practically a whole hour last week, I am still satisfied with this week’s shorter amount of action. The whole show is always phenomenal and I already can’t wait for next week. Can we have Catrina come back though please? I miss her!

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