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Lucha Underground Analysis (December 14, 2016): Mind games

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Welcome back to the Temple, Believers! This week things get ultra violent as several of our Luchadoras find themselves either playing or at the mercy of mind games. The Battle of the Bulls Tournament also continues, this week showcasing Mariposa’s skills against Killshot, Jeremiah Crane, and Dante Fox.

That match is up first, let’s watch:

The match starts off quick, with frequent super kicks and slaps between all competitors. It isn’t long before bodies go flying out of the ring at each other. Highlights include Jeremiah throwing a bunch of steel chairs into the ring and setting them up for a devastating top rope spot which Mariposa steals to perform a super powerbomb. 

Mariposa then throws chairs at all her fellow competitors.

She also counters a move by Killsot into an aerial stunner and then Butterfly Effect’s him into a chair. Jeremiah gets the win after a back and forth fight with Dante.

After the match we join Taya as she continues to film her documentary following the Worldwide Underground.

Taya asks them how they feel being part of the “hottest” group in LU. Taya continues to try and control them to keep them focused. Johnny Mundo arrives and tells PJ Black and Jack Evans that if neither of them win their Fatal Four Way Battle of the Bulls match, then they’ll have to find a new crew.

After that segment we join Sexy Star as she trains for her upcoming cage match against Johnny next week.

She makes her way back to her locker and finds a giant spider inside. She freaks out and takes this as some sort of sign.

Our match between Kobra Moon and Drago is next. Let’s watch:

Kobra Moon gesticulates on the top turnbuckle as Drago makes his way to the ring.

They tie up and go through several reversals and submissions before Kobra can plant a hurricanrana on Drago. For most of the bout Drago dominates Kobra. She tries to hypnotize him but he continues attacking her. It’s not long before her reptile clan interferes in the bout, ending the match with a no contest.

Suddenly a HUGE snake man appears. 

He takes out the Super Friends, Fenix and Aerostar, and hoists Drago away. The clan leave with an unconscious Drago.

Up next we see Sexy corner Mariposa who’s coming back from her previous bout. 

Mariposa chortles at her before swiping at her hair. Sexy immediately takes offense, fists and kicks fly everywhere. She and accuses her of putting the spider in her locker. She threatens her. Mariposa denies it and says she’d put something beautiful in there, like a butterfly. Sexy gets pissed and punches a hole in the wall. 

Who is sending Sexy these cryptic messages? I guess we’ll find out soon as she’s set to take on Johnny next week in a steel cage!

Thoughts: Another great episode of Lucha Underground. I’m very pleased to see the Battle of the Bulls tournament include a female member of the Temple. As stories get propelled forward Mariposa makes perfect sense at being the one to compete in this. We have two rivals in Killshot and Dante, a newcomer in Jeremiah, and then Mariposa who’s already defined as one of the seediest characters, one of the most violent. It ups the intensity of this Fatal Four Way match. 

I want to commend her for continuing to put her body on the line when the story and wrestling calls for it. I was quite entertained by the use of the steel chairs in this match, the crazy powerbomb that took everyone out, the reversed stunner, the Butterfly Effect on the chair. The only thing missing for the Martinez siblings is a clear cut target right now. The rivalry between her and Jeremiah and Ivelisse was cut short when Ivelisse broke her ankle. Now they are just floating around a little bit until their next feuds.

While striking, Kobra Moon needs to tone down her movements just a little bit. I appreciate her putting her whole being into this character but sometimes subtlety works best. I was a bit disappointed that she took so much of the punishment from Drago. I would have liked to see a more even contest but, the whole thing paid off. It was all a trap, all mind games!

Speaking of mind games, Sexy is preparing for one of her toughest matches yet as she looks forward to competing in a steel cage next week. She’s on edge and played it well. I’m hoping this isn’t her downfall going into it. I’m curious as to who is sending her these messages, is it Worldwide Underground or is someone else now looking to take her out?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who do you think will win next week as Sexy fights Johnny in a cage? Sound off in the comments below.

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