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Lucha Underground Analysis (September 21st, 2016): United we stand, divided we fall

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Welcome to this week’s LU review Believers! Chaos reigns supreme in the temple as Taya looks to continue raising hell while making a name for herself along team Worldwide Underground this week.

Our proprietor Dario Cueto brings out his dial of doom once again, this time feeding The Mack to his brother Matanza. Meanwhile, someone else in the temple believes he’s entitled to a shot at Dario’s unstoppable brother.

Johnny Mundo and the Perfect Woman storm into Dario’s office where Johnny demands a title shot again.

Dario tells him to calm down and says instead he’ll give his team another chance at regaining the Trios title. Johnny says he doesn’t care about those titles, all the team cares about now is seeing Johnny sitting pretty as the Lucha Underground Champion.

Dario says nope, it’s the Trios Title shot or nothing. Johnny says, that’s unreal and refuses to compete. Taya steps up to replace him.

Will they be able to reclaim their titles? Let’s watch the match!

Current champions, Team Super friend, Aerostar, Drago, and Fenix make their way to the ring, united as ever. They ham it up with the crowd as team Worldwide Underground, Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Taya makes their way to the ring. They all compete for camera time during their entrance as Taya tries to assert some semblance of order over her teammates.

Before the match can even begin, Jack gets tangled up in his clothes and starts showing off. PJ tags himself in as they begin to squabble amongst themselves. Taya breaks them up and takes charge as Jack begins pouting on the outside of the ring before walking off. Taya and Drago square off against each other. The action is back and forth as the two reverse holds and chain wrestle before Taya flips Drago over. Drago comes back to control Taya with flips, kicks, and headlocks.

The two continue to go toe to toe as Taya taunts Drago. Drago tags in Aerostar as Taya brings in PJ. Both men tie up as PJ looks to ground Aerostar. Aerostar and PJ bring out all their signatures, with Aerostar bringing the aerial maneuvers and PJ using his kicks and power moves to catch Aerostar at every turn.

It’s not long before Fenix takes on Jack, who now feels like competing but immediately tags Taya back in. Fenix slaps Taya and hits her with a pele kick. PJ tags in to try and even the score. Now Jack finally tags in while Drago takes an opportunity to square off against him, revisiting a bit of their history from last season. Jack dominates Drago before PJ tags back in. Taya tries to regain control between the team members. PJ hits a beautiful moonsault from the ropes but gets taken down by Drago. He goes to tag Jack back in but Jack refuses and walks off again.

Taya drags Jack by his man bun and throws him back into the ring. The match starts breaking down as PJ tags in. Each of the Super friends gets time to shine against PJ. Taya then evens the odds as she takes out Drago and Fenix on the outside. It’s not enough, however, as Aerostar puts PJ away after a sick mid-air frankenstiener and rope assisted code breaker to retain the Trios Titles.

As the Super friends celebrate their victory, Johnny Mundo crashes the party. Sexy Star soon runs in to save the trio from Worldwide Underground’s beatdown. She takes down Johnny and Taya, running Worldwide Underground off.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed the story this match told. Even though Worldwide Underground is strong and frantic, there’s dissension bubbling beneath the surface.

During the match each team member on both sides was able to show off what they could do from effortless power moves and strikes to beautiful aerial maneuvers. Taya continues to show layers of her character that we haven’t seen before. She desperately wants to lead but not at the expense of her team and when not victorious, there’s hell to pay.

They are also continuing to build an eventual match between both Taya and Sexy Star with their respective teams. Sexy Star is key to this story. She holds the Gift of the Gods Championship, something Johnny sees in the rear-view mirror since the title grants its holder an automatic Lucha Underground title shot. Though deranged, Taya wants to rise above her reputation and show that her team can work together. She does want to lead. Does her team stand a chance together against the others, or will they implode amongst themselves?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you want to see Taya strike out on her own or continue to try and lead this reckless trio? Sound off in the comments below.

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