Saturday, December 2, 2023

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LuFisto Comments on Stroke

The Super Hardcore Anime, LuFisto, who suffered a stroke last weekend is doing just fine and has written a blog about her ordeal. On her MySpace page, she writes:

About 30 minutes after my match at NCW last Saturday, I just couldn’t catch my breath. Then, I started to have a lot of pain in my chest and my left arm went numb. Laying down on the floor close to a door so I could breathe, as Guil Reno was trying to keep me awake, I lost sensation on the left side of my face. Wrestler Alex Price then made the right and quick decision to call the paramedics right away.

My left eye closed, my head was hurting, I couldn’t open my mouth completely and I was seeing light spots everywhere… The ambulance arrived and although I was answering all the questions, I was really confused and lost. Thanx to Guil and Camille though, I never lost conscience.

Mademoiselle Rachelle jumped in the ambulance with me as the sirens were heard. At the hospital, I quickly got a first scan and a bunch of test… Diagnosis: Possible CVA. They gave me aspirin and I can’t remember what they did after… I was then transferred to another hospital where a neurologist was waiting for me…

Oxygen tank, blood and strength tests… And my crying mom telling me everything would be alright… Then, it’s pretty much blurred until I got to an emergency room where my mom, her boyfriend and my partner in crime and dear friend Chakal came to see me.

So I had 2 cerebral scans, one MRI and they even checked my lungs. Final diagnosis: Minor stroke. However, the good news is that the CVA didn’t leave any permanent damage. No scars were found on the brain and I got my full strength back 2 days later.

To read the full blog, click here. Once again, our love and support goes out to LuFisto!

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