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Madusa calls for a retirement match

Madusa wants to close out her legendary wrestling career with a retirement match.

Speaking on a recent interview with Women’s Wrestling Talk, the WWE Hall of Famer and pioneer of women’s wrestling spoke about deserving a proper send-off:

“I feel that I deserve a retirement match. I don’t care if it’s three minutes, or if it’s an hour long. I deserve one. And every federation knows I have it out there.

Hello, Impact. Hello, AEW, Hello, WWE. Hello, NWA. Hello, ROH, Hello, Impact, whatever, right? And so, it’s out there. And I would definitely have a retirement match. And I would choose my opponent. And the opponent would have to be someone that could carry me. And what I mean by that, is no disrespect to myself; is that if I were to forget something, and I need someone to take care of my body. Because I’m not 20 I mean, you have to be real, you know, I’m much older than Trish and Lita.

You know, I could be both of your mother you know. Yeah, you’d have to be somebody that would take care of me in the match. And of course, likewise.”

Madusa retired from wrestling in 2001 and became a Monster Truck driver. In 2015 WWE inducted to her into the Hall of Fame and in the same year, STARDOM appointed her as their commissioner.

Madusa made her final in-ring appearance and Evolution in 2018 and was the presenter of AEW’s Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw. More recently she appeared at NWA’s all-women’s PPV EmPowerrr.

Who would you like to see Madusa face in her retirement match? Let us know in the comments below.

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