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Mae Young Classic Review: Episode 1

Shayna Baszler vs. Zeda

Our video packages start off with Zeda, who talks about of the troubles she faced growing up. She took on up martial as a form of self defense and to be the super hero she always needed. Shayna Baszler discusses of her MMA career and transition to pro wrestler.

Zeda extends her hand for a handshake but Baszler backs out. Zeda gets the first takedown. Zeda looks for a knee submission but Baszler gets to her feet. She tries locking in an arm bar to Zeda but the latter counters out.

After a stalemate, the women get back to their feet and Zeda tries to take Baszler down but to no avail. Baszler then strikes Zeda with kicks to a corner. Zeda finds an opening after Baszler misses a knee strike and takes her down with a corner monkey flip for a two count.

Zeda follows up with guillotine hold but Baszler overpowers her and counters into a naked choke hold forcing Zeda to quickly tapping out. Baszler’s fellow MMA Four Horsewomen are seen at ringside cheering and embracing their friend on as she moves on to round two.

In her post interview, Baszler refers to her match as another day in the office and says her dominance speaks for itself.

Thoughts: This match was also about Shayna Baszler. Not a whole lot to say other than that Baszler dominated here in what was pretty much a short and straight to the point match. She played into MMA style, as did Zeda, We know the WWE have a love affair for Ronda Rousey and crew so I’m sure the bits of screen shots of them will carry on as Baszler advances.

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