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Maria Kanellis Bennett Teases Women’s Wrestling Army Project

Maria Kanellis Bennet has taken to social media to provide a teaser for creating an army, a Women’s Wrestling Army.

Credit: ROH

In a promo video for the wrestling project, Maria is seen walking us through her journey in the professional wrestling industry. As she goes through the motions of her own career she gets to the end where she wants to further create opportunities for others. Also, what’s next for her?

You can take a look at the video in the Twitter post below.

The Journey

It’s a thousand seemingly insignificant decisions. The wrong turns. The dead ends. The climb. The process. The successes and the failures. The word no. The next no. A million beating drums in your mind that say no.

The hated word – Diva. That defined, your career. Can you, small-town girl, Diva. Turn that no into a simple but almost unattainable word, Yes?

Yes. You can transition. From small-town girl turned Diva, to manager, mother, producer, to produce change. Changing ever so slightly, to keep up with my less experienced contemporaries, to remain relevant. For them.

To create opportunities. For Them. Crafting a craft that is in a position with the possibility to overturn or overtake an industry with professional wrestling. What’s NEXT? CEO? BOD?

Let’s create an army. A Women’s Wrestling Army.

Kanellis Bennett played a pivotal role in reorganizing and building a women’s division in ROH from the ground up in 2021. The promotion went on hiatus at the end of 2021 and returned on April 1 of this year. ROH is now owned by CEO and President of AEW, Tony Khan.

Since departing from ROH, Maria has been working with IMPACT along with the Honor No More stable. During a recent Facebook Live virtual signing for K&S WrestleFest, Maria spoke on where things currently stand with her when it comes to IMPACT and ROH.

“So I had a paid per deal with IMPACT and that comes to a close in Poughkeepsie. So after that, we’ll see where we go from there. I mean, I’m sure there’s tons of chaos that we can still have over at IMPACT but I’m not exclusive. With Ring of Honor, we don’t know exactly what it’s going to be. I ran the women’s division last year I absolutely loved it. It was really like the most rewarding year of my entire career. So if I can help in any way, even if it’s just shadowing somebody, I think that’s where I would like to take my career next. Of course, I’d still love to manage and add to a division in any way I can, but yeah, it’s gonna be interesting. The next few months are really going to be interesting to see what Ring of Honor becomes.” [h/t – Fightful]

Tony Khan did mention during the ROH Supercard of Honor media scrum that he would be interested in having Maria help with the women’s division. Nothing further has been confirmed.

In early April, Maria confirmed that she was partnering with PWTV. In that, she said on April 13 she would provide a teaser for what the first show will be.

There is a website you can visit along with social media pages on both Twitter and Instagram to get more information as it is produced.

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