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Maria Thinks Twitter Helped in Slammy Win

Diva of the Year, Maria has revealed how she believes her 32,000+ Twitter followers helped her to her shocking Slammy win a week ago today.

Speaking in a behind the scenes interview with G4’s Attack of the Show, Maria says she was shocked by the win because she had been away ‘working on a charity’ [The Celebrity Apprentice] and thought that the WWE Universe had forgotten her. Watch the interview below:

Kanellis also reveals how she would have loved to have worked with Ivory as well as worked with Trish and Lita some more. She also says the worst bump she’s taken is from the recently demised Umaga.

Among Maria’s ambitions include her own television show and she also plans to release an album next spring. It seems as though Maria is using her WWE career as a launching pad for other projects in the entertainment industry like Mickie James and Stacy Keibler, both of whom are on WWE’s proverbial ‘shit list’. I find it surprising that part of the reason WWE is riding Mickie is because she’s working on a project outside of WWE using her celebrity [which WWE no doubt thinks they gave her], but Maria has also noted several times on Twitter that she’s working on her own CD — yet no backlash there. In fact, it seems Maria is getting a push going into the premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice next March. I guess you only get ragged on if you’re ‘fat’ and working on an outside project?

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