Monday, April 15, 2024

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Maria’s Mind’s in Disturbia

Holy “Emo MySpace Poser Queen”, Batman! Seems as though like us, Maria isn’t too pleased with her photoshoots so she’s taken to taking pictures of herself and uploading them to her Fan Nation profile. And boy, do they look cliche or what! Flicking through these pictures is like looking at that emo kid from high school’s MySpace pics. I’m not quite sure about the hands-to-the-head look but maybe she’s just a fan of Rihanna, in which case I guess even Maria has some redeeming qualities.

Thinking about it, Maria does have a reason to be emo, she’s a big a flop on SmackDown as she was on Raw. Seems as though WWE has finally realised she’s not a good wrestler and stopped pushing her as such, she’s now a doormat for the likes of Natalya and Maryse. As opposed to being a doormat for Beth Phoenix and Melina. # Bum bum be-rum bum bum be-rum bum #

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