Friday, February 3, 2023

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Maryse Comments on Her WWE Character, Says Some Fans Spit at Her Hair (Really!)

Former Divas Champion, Maryse gave a rare interview to Among the highlights include the French poodle discussing her character and how she’d love to develop it further to make fans want to “fricking kill her.” Quotes below:

On her character, she says:

“I don’t take anything seriously. But Maryse’s ring character is like, ‘you want to look like me, be like me, have everything I have but you can’t.’

“I’d like to get my character to point where people really, truly want to fricking kill me.

“Fans know my hair is my thing – I flip my hair every time I get in the ring – and believe it or not some spit in my hair.

“They can’t touch to you so they spit on you. They get really into it.”

Maryse also comments on the Divas dressing PG:

“We do wear revealing outfits but it’s not like wearing a g-string like in the past.

“I’d never wear that – I don’t think it would be very comfortable.

“Our outfits are sexy but not provocative to the point where people will say, ‘oh my God, my kids can’t watch this.'”

Read the full piece here.

Thoughts: A rare glimpse at the woman behind the character shows that Maryse is an intelligent, business-savvy woman. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and getting to know Maryse a little bit more. She comes across really well, I’d say. It’s also great to see that she has aspirations for her character and wants to continue to evolve rather than just remain complacent in the position she’s in now.

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