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Maryse Discusses Her Starring Role as the Gobbledy Gooker


Former Divas Champion, Maryse caught up with SLAM! Sports to promote tomorrow night’s TLC pay per view and in the interview, discussed how her Razzie-deserving turn as the Gobbledy Gooker came about:

“They sent me pictures over e-mail to help me prepare myself,” she revealed. “When I saw the costume, I was like ‘Oh boy.’ That night, wearing the costume, I was walking out of the curtain and up the ramp, and I couldn’t see out of the costume. The eyes are white, and with the strobes, it just reflected inside the head. I was totally blind. I was trying to get to the ring as fast as I could, and I was so worried that I would just fall down the stage or down the ramp on my way to the ring. My heart was racing, I was freaking out. Especially when there’s 20,000 people looking at you, and the cameras are on you and it’s live TV. At some point, I was almost tempted to lift the head off so I could see, but it had to be a secret that it was me underneath, so I couldn’t. What we have to do for the show, right?”

On a more serious note, Maryse gives us a health update on her knee, which she dislocated, resulting in her recent absence.

“I had dislocated kneecap, and had torn ligaments. It wasn’t really painful, just annoying — the swelling in my leg just wouldn’t go down. So I decided to go get it fixed.”

“Now it’s perfect,” she beamed. “It’s like I have a brand new leg. I can train for three hours and it doesn’t get swollen at all, so I’m pretty happy about that.”

There’s no denying that prior to her injury, Maryse was improving leaps and bounds. It seems her performances post-Divas Title win left something to be desired — perhaps the fault of her injury. I’m really looking to see if that early Maryse will come back in a full length match.

And lastly, Maryse explains the origins of her patented hand gesture:

“I never planned on doing it,” she said about that particular taunt. “I just did it one night and it caught on. People would come up to me to take a picture and they’d ask me to do the hand thing. So I thought I should keep it. It’s not something I would do normally, it’s really the character.”

For more of the interview, click here.

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