Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Melina Gets a Bit Darker

Melina‘s new photoshoot, “Breaking Light”, looks eerily similar to her recent “Morning Light” shoot (look, they only changed one word in the title!). The scenery’s the same as that one, so that’s definitely a plus. However, her outfit’s different this time, with the recently injured Diva sporting a darker ensemble. I don’t know if I dig it as much as the one in her last shoot. Maybe if it were looser and less drawstringy… Is that a word? Who cares, I just made it one. So I guess, all-in-all, I like this shoot much better than most of Melina’s usual stuff, but not as much as the last shoot. Hey, perhaps they should keep her photoshoots in that little hotel room/conference room they’ve got going on there. These last two ones have been some of her best yet.


Latest Posts

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