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Melina Interviewed on ‘Sports Central’

We all know Melina can act the part; she’s awesome in the ring & always looks great, but then there’s the other side of being in the public eye — doing publicity. It’s always interesting [and rare] to see the Divas get interviewed on shows and stuff, seeing how they carry themselves etc.

Check out Melina talk about her Women’s Championship loss as well as answer the standard fare questions below:

Like I said, I always find televised interviews to be interesting because they’re out of the confines of a WWE character, you’re trying to sell the WWE product and come across as interesting at the same time. I thought Melina sold herself very well, she was a little bit giggly, but for the most part she seemed collected.

It’s a shame the questions weren’t more interesting, so we could see more of Melina’s personality. But for what she was asked, she came across as a sweet, gentle girl – a far cry from her screams during matches. It’s always the really loud ones who turn it on in the ring that tend to be the quiet ones in real life!

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