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Mia Yim Does Japan: Blog and Pictures from Match with Manami Toyota

Wrestler and Diva Dirt contributor, Mia Yim is currently in Japan where she is set to debut for the REINA promotion. Mia will be sending us exclusive blogs and pictures from her trip. Check back for regular updates!

Ahyong all!

If you have a problem with how I spell Ahnyong, get over it ^.^ Anyways, it is now Sunday. The day after my big tag match with Aki Kambayashi against Hailey Hatred and Manami Toyota. I will be coming home Weds with two losses in Japan, but with the greatest experience of my career thus far. This match was TOUGH! Much respect to all three of those ladies, they can really give their all. I took some stiff kicks from Hailey, got my butt handed to me on a silver platter by Toyota. I don’t mind the losses, I am just happy to have walked away from two incredible matches in Japan. Looking at Toyota across the ring before the bell rang felt like a dream. The lights only on us. Streamers getting cleaned up by our feet (Yes, I got streamers for the first time!!! Love the Japanese fans!) It was simply unbelievable and indescribable. Two years ago, I would only imagine and day dream about wrestling in Japan, asking myself “I wonder what it would be like over here..” and now I can say, “Oh, wrestling in Japan is TOUGH! But I enjoy every minute”. The blood, sweat, and tears of two hard working years and this is the pay off. Forget getting glammed up for TV. Forget winning a belt from a box. This trip to Japan was the payoff. I thank god, my family, my friends, and all of you supporters for spreading my name, cheering (or booing) me, getting behind me. THANK YOU!

Now to answer some questions. “Whats with the ‘God Bless’ on your wrist tape?” Well, my first New Japan Pro Wrestling show this past Thursday, I went with Roxie Cotton and Hailey Hatred. I have seen clips of NJPW, but never full shows. I was amazed by all the talent! I was introduced to many many unique characters and awesome male wrestling such as Taichi Ishikari, Kota Ibushi, Kushida, and my new all time favorite, Fujita Jr Hayato. If you don’t know why he is my favorite, just youtube him. You will know soon enough ^.^ He has ‘God Bless’ on his gear, and I wanted to somewhat carry that along with me, as he is such an inspiration to me. It was like going to Disneyland for the first time. Also, I like to wear it proud as it is also a symbolism of what God has blessed me with to pursue my life long dream of wrestling.

Today, Me and Roxie went to Harajuku once again for some last minute shopping. Got some good stuff with good deals ^.^ After Harajuku, we met up with Hailey to go to the New Japan show once more. I adore this company and plan to go to the shows whenever I am in Japan. Long fulfilling day.

As I lay in bed typing this, I am still in awe at what I have accomplished on my trip here. I do not want to go home, I love Japan and wish I could stay forever and just wrestle. Thinking about moving here after college, but that is just a thought for now. We will see how things go when the second semester is almost finished. I feel that all the things I wanted to do, I have done it. Now my next goal…Come back to Japan!

Once again, Thank you all for joining me on this trip. I hope you felt as if you were here with me. Thank you all, I love you guys!!!!


PS: Photo Credit to Mr. Youji Kawauchi

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