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Mia Yim Does Japan: Wrestling Hiroyo Matsumoto

Wrestler and Diva Dirt contributor, Mia Yim is currently in Japan where she is set to debut for the REINA promotion. Mia will be sending us exclusive blogs and pictures from her trip. Check back for regular updates!

Ahnyong all!

It is 8:43am here in Japan (7:43pm in East Coast US time) and typing this in bed. I am so sore! I just had my match with Hiroyo Matsumoto last night, and I think it was my most proudest match yet. It was such an experience to wrestle her. I lost and took a butt whooping, but I guess I’m just good at that according to Melanie ^.^

For the first time EVER, I actually almost threw up in the ring by the heavy hitting! Wrestling in Japan is soooooo different than America. These girls definitely don’t play. Joshi girls are so crafty and unique. I have had a great pleasure in the locker room and in the ring. Here are some photos from my match, I will try to get video and post it on my YouTube page. One show down, one more to go May 28th. In between, lots of training and conditioning to do! Write back soon ^.^

– Mia~!

PS: I’d like to thank everyone who is following me on my journey. I will not disappoint you <3

Photo credit: Takehisa Kashima

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