Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Michelle McCool mourns the loss of her nephew

Former WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool delivered a very hard message on her social media. Her nephew, Rhett McCool, tragically has passed away at the age of only 18.

McCool started the post by explaining that she sat on this information as she tried to struggle to find the right words. Unfortunately when it comes to the passing of a love one, words tend to escape us. She listed his death as a tragic accident.

During the current climate of the world during this present time with the Coronavirus pandemic still fresh, many are going without being around their loved ones. A simple luxury that many of us didn’t realize was one until we haven’t had it.

She continues in her post that at the moment she is unable to be with her family. McCool looks forward to seeing them soon. It is always sad when someone passes away but someone so young with a full life ahead of them is heartbreaking.

Everyone at Diva Dirt sends their condolences to Michelle and her family during this time.

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