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Michelle McCool Talks Melina’s Backstage Reputation, Getting Punished for Being ‘Too Good’

michelle-melinaFormer WWE Divas Champion, Michelle McCool, has spoken about yet another former colleague on her official website. This time, Michelle — who is no stranger to controversy — spoke about another controversial former Diva, Melina.

Speaking about Melina’s alleged backstage reputation, Michelle said: “Throughout her career, she may have had some run-ins or problems with a lot of people backstage. Personally, I was never one of them. All of the things that she supposedly had done or whatever issues were going on, I was not a part of that. So, I didn’t have a problem with her. That’s not my business — I try to stay out of people’s business, if it doesn’t personally affect me, then I don’t really need to get into the drama!”

She also revealed that while they had one incident, Melina and Michelle never had any serious issues with each other.

“I’ve never personally had a problem with her, but towards the end of my career, there was one little incident. People wanna know: this is the ‘juicy, juicy details’ of the Michelle and Melina problem! We were in the locker room and it was one of those Halloween deals. All of the girls were dressed, and literally ten minutes before we’re all going out, nobody has a clue what is going on. Nobody is giving us finishers, nobody has no idea what is going on. So, we’re bouncing ideas, and I remember it was me, The Bellas, and Melina… I can’t remember who may or may have not been in there. I do remember throwing an idea out there and it was Brie or Nicole who said, ‘Yeah. That sounds like a cool idea’, then there’s Melina, who just kind of rolls her eyes and huffs. Her back is to me, but I’m like: ‘Melina, if you don’t like the idea, just tell me what you want to do — I’ll do it. I don’t care’. She says: ‘Nope. That’s fine’. So I say: ‘Well, we’re in a room full of mirrors. The next time you want to roll your eyes, you might want to kinda not do it in a room full of mirrors’.

“That’s the biggest problem I’ve ever had with Melina! Isn’t that just awful?! …I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice. It’s the silliest thing ever, obviously. We got over it, but it was kind of humorous. So, that was my only Melina run-in right there. Honest to God, nothing else between us… but a bunch of good matches.”

Diva fans fondly remember the rivalry between the two over the WWE Women’s Championship, and Michelle opened up about the time she worked with the A-lister.

Speaking on their infamous match at Night of Champions in 2009, McCool confirms they did get told off for being too aggressive.

The inaugural Divas Champion said: “It was that day [Night of Champions] I was like: ‘Could you not tell anybody, but do you think we could do a DDT on the barricade?’ And she was like: ‘Oh, yeah!’, not even thinking twice about it. We kind of hid it all day, even though we did ask our agent for approval, I think it was Fit — which is no secret that he was always fighting for the girls. We just made sure that we can stand up and get our balance, but we never actually did the bump. She was the one who was going to take the huge bump, and there was no doubt, no hesitation, that she would make it look ridiculous — and it did! [During the match] She finally takes the bump, it looks sick, pops off — up to that point, that was the best match I’ve ever had. We had the pay-per-view, we had time, I was really proud of that match.”

However following the excellent match, Michelle recalls how agents thought the match was ‘too good’ but little did she know, her and Melina would receive praise from a top WWE Superstar.

She said: “The next day, one of the agents came up to us and was like: ‘I can’t believe y’all did that! You have no idea! We were all backstage, scared to death!’ We were like: ‘What? We know how to safely bump. We wouldn’t do anything that would put either one of us at risk. We’re totally fine! If the men can do it, why can’t we do it?’ He said: ‘It looked too good! You can’t go out there throwing punches like that, or taking bumps like that — that looks better than some of the guys! You can’t do that!’ Finally, I remember Chris Jericho, who was by the ring, hears all of this going on. He said: ‘Look, if the guys can’t follow what the girls are doing, then the guys need to step it up! I thought it was awesome. They did great. And it’s not their problem that it looked that great!’ I was like, ‘Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Because out of respect, we can’t say anything, and here comes one of the boys — Jericho, of all people, sticking up for us!”

Listen to the full interview below:

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