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Michelle McCool Talks Pitching The Idea Of The Divas Championship

After a surprise appearance at this year’s Royal Rumble match, Michelle McCool talked on Busted Open Radio. During that interview, she brought up pitching the WWE Divas Title back during that time it was active. She says that she would fight for a title for the SmackDown women and Torrie Wilson also helped in that fight.

“You get (an idea) rejected and another one might go to somebody else, and that’s just how it goes. You kind of expected that. When you have that expectation of, not that it’s a great expectation to have, but, ‘we’re probably not going to get this, it’s probably not going to happen.’ Once you have that, you get pleasantly surprised when it does. I never shied away, I would literally lay out the cities we were going to be in, draw out six week storylines, we fought so hard to get a Divas Championship belt, a Divas Championship on SmackDown. So many people talk about how ugly the belt was, how it was a disgrace. I wouldn’t have cared if it were a garbage can around my waist. (It was) something to fight for. I don’t care if it was a butterfly belt. It never stopped me from fighting. it was discouraging and it was hard and sometimes you do want to throw in the towel, but what is the point? Where would that get you?” she asked. (Fightful)

She added about Wilson, “I pitched it a lot, a whole lot. Torrie (Wilson) stepped in and helped. I pitched the idea bringing a title to SmackDown and just wouldn’t give up.”

McCool became the inaugural champion in 2008 after defeating Natalya. The belt ran until 2016 when it was replaced with the WWE Women’s Championship (now-Raw Women’s Title) by Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat at WrestleMania (also included Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks).

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