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Michelle & Trish Make “One More Match” List compiled a list of 15 Superstars and Divas that they think should return for one more match, citing the impact they had on the company and how well they would mesh with the current crop of talent. Michelle McCool and Trish Stratus both made the list, at #13 and #6 respectively:

#13 – Michelle McCool: There are many types of Divas out there, but few matched the attitude of the first Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Whether mixing it up in the ring or talking it up with LayCool, Michelle always demanded the spotlight.

And with today’s crop of talented Divas, McCool would certainly bring even more competition and excitement to the Divas division.

#6 – Trish Stratus: She is, perhaps, the greatest Diva of all time, and she left WWE still at the top of her game. Today, the WWE Universe fondly remembers Trish Stratus as a fierce competitor who could do it all in the ring. As beautiful as she was dangerous between the ropes, Stratus’ in-ring repertoire included effective striking and acrobatic, high-flying maneuvers that allowed the legendary Diva to claim the Women’s Championship seven times over the course of her illustrious career.

Trish would fit right in with today’s crop of Divas, and she would certainly shake things up. When it comes to Divas, Trish is the standard against which everyone else is compared. How would today’s Divas measure up?

We’re not sure, but we would definitely pay good money to see.

Do you agree with’s choices? With whom should Michelle and Trish have their “one more match”? Who else should be on the list?

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