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Mickie James remains the Knockouts World Champion after a battle with Tasha Steelz

At Saturday’s No Surrender event, Mickie James retained the Knockouts World Championship after a battle with Tasha Steelz. This was Steelz’s first big opportunity at a singles championship after she made history as the inaugural winner of the Ultimate X match at Hard to Kill.

After a Thesz Press by James off the turnbuckle got her a near fall, the champion was setting up Steelz for perhaps the Mick Kick before Savannah Evans hopped up on the ring apron. James delivered a kick to Evans instead which gave Steelz an opening with a cutter.

Chelsea Green came down to the ring and Evans pulled her up by her hair up on the ring apron. A drop kick by Green knocked Evans off the apron as she came crashing down to the floor.

Back in the ring, Steelz went for the crucifex bomb but as countered as James was thrown towards the rope where Green was back vertical on the apron. James stopped herself before knocking into Green. James in turn pushed Steelz into Green knocking her off the ring apron and pinned her opponent with a bridge. James is still the Knockouts World Champion.

After the match, James and Green celebrate on the ramp.

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