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Mickie James Talks “Piggie James” Storyline, Her Future in Wrestling, Daniel Bryan & More

Former TNA Knockout Mickie James has spoken to, shedding light on her feelings about the infamous “Piggie James” storyline, going back to the indies, her favorite TNA matches and her hopes for her future in wrestling.

Favorite TNA matches and feuds: “I really loved the angle where I came in with Madison (Rayne) and Tara, obviously, and to be able to have that steel cage match in the main event of the show was incredible. I also enjoyed the Falls Count Anywhere matches I had and really enjoyed working with OBD, and then Gail (Kim) recently.

But as far as matches go, that steel cage match was my first cage match ever and something I’ll never forget.”

Her closest wrestling friends: “Oh, I’ve had so many incredible friends, like my friend Bobbi who traveled the roads with me when we were first coming up together. She watched me grow but since then she’s gone on to have kids and a family. Then I’ve had amazing friends like Trish (Stratus) and Amy (Lita), and like I said, Lisa (Tara). You catch up with each other with texts now and then most of the time, but we’ll also see each other in passing. Lisa has her restaurant now so she’s doing that, and Trish is in Toronto doing her yoga and having a baby, and all that good stuff. So with the passage of time, everybody’s lives are all on different paths that sometimes cross at wrestling events and appearances. And it’s always great to catch up with them.”

Does she was the current TNA and WWE programs?: “I try to DVR the shows and catch up when I can, but no I really don’t have the time with my music and everything else. With TNA, I would watch the show that I’m on, obviously, and if I’m at an independent event I’ll try to sit back and watch most of the show. But I really don’t see much of the WWE programs on television, so I’m not all that aware of what’s going on. I probably should be watching.”

Her connection with fans: “It’s also been cool to see the fans over the years and watch the kids grow up in the audience. There’s one fan in the Philly area, and he’s followed me since I was Alexis Laree, working little shows in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So, he’s seen me from the very beginning, when I was so bad. Well, so semi-bad (laughs).”

How it feels to go back to the indies: “It is pretty humbling, and obviously now I’m in a different position, but what I find really inspiring is you’ll see so many young wrestlers who have that same fire, that same passion, and that same hunger that I remember so well when I was first coming in. I was just so hungry for knowledge, and you can see it in these people at these indie shows. So, regardless of where you’re at in your career, it’s a good thing if you can keep that passion and that love and keep wanting to up your game and just keep getting better and better.”

The “Piggie James” storyline: “Looking back on it now, I think it shed some light on a big issue in our school system and on the internet now, with technology at your fingertips. It’s so easy for bullies to do it now, sitting behind a keyboard because there’s no face-to-face interaction. And that storyline, I think, was an attempt to address bullying and tell a story with it. Michelle (McCool) and Layla had already been playing the role of the “mean girls,” but I don’t know where exactly that storyline came from.

And honestly, I feel like it was one of the most difficult storylines to take, as I found it difficult to take my personal feelings and emotions out of it. But I can see how it may have resonated, because at some point most of us have been bullied or picked on, so most of us can relate to it in some aspect. Because you’re going to have sympathy for the character and understand where she’s coming from, impacted from the perils of bullying.”

Do wrestlers have a lot of self confidence?: “Oh no. I think wrestlers, especially, we have the lowest confidence in the world, you know. And I think because we feel like we’re always being scrutinized, we look at ourselves in a similar vein. At the same time, it drives us though because it makes us strive to continue to be better and be the best that we can be. So, no, when it comes to our sexuality and physicality, I think we’re hardest on ourselves.”

On Daniel Bryan’s recent success: “It’s so great to see someone like him come from that whole background, through the indies and Japan and all that. And then make his way all the way up to being the world champion, that’s pretty freakin’ awesome. I think that says a lot about him and it will continue to inspire people in our business, who really, really want it and have the drive.”

Her hopes for the future: “I would love to travel the world with my music, playing in different venues and festivals and continuing to make new music. And with wrestling, I would love to go to Japan as I’ve never wrestled in a Japanese ring or wrestled in that style. I just love being a performer.”

The interview, released in two parts, can be read on part one, part two.

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