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Molly Holly: “I Won’t Be Inducted into WWE Hall of Fame”

Considered one of the best pure wrestlers to ever grace WWE’s women’s division, Molly Holly‘s matches are used as study material for many of the newer girls today. Fans and critics have long expected Molly, real name Nora Greenwald, to one day be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame — all except the woman herself.

Speaking on Monday Night Mayhem, Molly says:

I could not shine the shoes of those ladies in the Hall Of Fame now (The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, “Sensational” Sherri Martel, along with Wendi Richter). I don’t ever see myself being in the Hall Of Fame. Although I had a great career, I’m nowhere as talented & amazing as those ladies. I totally respect them, and I’m sure Trish, Lita, Chyna, & other girls did way more for the business than I did will hopefully be in the Hall Of Fame.

Is she just being modest? Self-deprecating? Or does she not know the sheer impact that she has had? Knowing what a grounded, humble woman she is, I think it’s perhaps a combination of the first and third. I really hope that in this instance, Molly is proved wrong. She deserves it just as much as many of the other girls. She was underutilised during her time but WWE does seem to realise what a great talent she is and I think when the time is right, they’ll do the right thing.

Molly also speaks on why she thinks the new all-female promotion, Wrestlicious may just work:

The reason I think it (Wrestlicious) might work is there is so much serious drama on TV, and to have something totally ridiculous just might be a change of pace for people to escape their realities. It would great if it succeeded, and it could be one of those things like G.L.O.W., where there was just this sub-culture that was so drawn to it and was this thing that people talked about for years to come.

To listen to the full interview click here.

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