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More Details on Brittney Savage’s Lucha Libre USA Debut

As we reported last night, WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage debuted for Lucha Libre USA last night, joining the ranks of Awesome Kong, Tigresa Caliente (Rhaka Khan) and Rebecca Reyes (Reby Sky).

I managed to catch the episode and here’s a recap of her debut:

In the opening match between RJ Brewer and Mascarita Dorada, she was shown once in the crowd, just as a fan/crowd shot. Then while RJ had the ref distracted, she jumped the barricade and pushed Mascarita off the turnbuckle into the ring where RJ took advantage and got the pin. She helped him out of the ring and to the back. The commentators were saying they had no idea who she was. This happened in the first 9 minutes of the show.

Then at the 16 minute mark, we saw RJ and Brittney in the locker room. They were packing up and apparently it was her idea to do a run in from the crowd. She mentioned making her dad proud, and he mentioned his mom would throw them a parade. She made a comment about “catching something from the crowd” and wanted to get out of here. They left without ever mentioning her name. So I dunno if she’ll be Brittney Savage or another moniker in LLUSA.

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