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Most recent updates on Kylie Rae missing Bound for Glory *FURTHER UPDATES*

Newest Update:

According to Fightful Select, they have more information about Rae missing Bound for Glory. Originally it was being reported that Rae was not at the facility and that further talent hadn’t heard anything on the matter.

After looking more into it, Fightful says they have been told that Rae drove into Nashville with several wrestlers on Friday. She was even inquiring about call times for Saturday’s event. When those call times came, Rae did not show. They specify that those several wrestlers confirmed that Rae was in the area on Friday and it wasn’t IMPACT themselves that confirmed it.

The decision was made Saturday afternoon before the event for Su Yung to take Rae’s place. If IMPACT knew of an injury as one of the rumors circulating then they did not inform the other talent. The locker room had expressed obvious concerns about her whereabouts.

These wrestlers reached out to those close to Rae and have reportedly been told that she is alive and well. Fightful states that they will not speculate on the reason for her absence as it still is unknown. They have reached out to both IMPACT and Rae herself.

Kylie Rae was supposed to face Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Title last night at Bound for Glory. As we know now, that didn’t happen and Rae was replaced by Su Yung. Yung went on to win the title and become a two-time champion with the company. But what happened with Rae?

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

There are a few logical answers to the last minute change. All the way up until the match took place (which was the match before the main event) the match was still advertised with Rae as a part of it. This was more than likely to cause the surprise of Su Yung. The speculated reasons for Rae not being present for the event range from her having a minor injury to quarantining from being around those who tested positive for COVID-19.

Earlier this month, Rae did a couple of appearances on the indies before not appearing at Black Label Pro’s Threat Level Noon. This was part of the big indie events known as The Collective over that weekend. Purrazzo chose to pull out of her matches over that weekend to stay safe for her Knockouts Title defense.

What is being reported by Bryan Alvarez from the Wrestling Observer is that Rae has a minor injury. No further details are being provided about what the injury could be. PWInsider confirms that Rae wasn’t at the Bound for Glory event but had no confirmation as to why.

Fightful Select confirms with what PWInsider is saying and that Rae was not present at the event and the reason is unknown. They have stated that they have reached out to both IMPACT and Rae and they have heard nothing in regards to an injury. Furthermore, this instance is said to have been a “surprise” to the company. As of Friday, it was under the impression of IMPACT that the match was still scheduled to take place as planned. Other IMPACT talents are saying that they have not heard any updates on her situation.

The most that is being provided is that regardless of the reason, Rae is safe.

Diva Dirt will provide any further updates as information becomes available.

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