Monday, September 26, 2022

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MYC II: Week Three Review

Kaitlyn vs Kavita Devi

Up first we have two returns: Kaitlyn to a WWE ring and Kavita Devi to the MYC. After a video package highlighting Devi as the pride of India and Kaitlyn as a redemption story, in enters Kaitlyn and she LOOKS GREAT. I’m a little bummed her old theme song wasn’t used. Enter the opposition, a mother of a son and a First Lady in India, Kavita Devi. Truthfully, both of these women have amazing stories, you go girls!

As the match starts with a tie-up, Kaitlyn gets a “welcome back” chant as well as Michael Cole voicing his regret for his burial of the women in NXT season 3. Genuine I hope it is, long overdue, and much appreciated. Devi refuses a handshake and has the advantage. As they jockey for position, Kaitlyn reverses a headlock into a snapmare, running sitting clothesline and three leg drops, but Devi fires back with a kneeling backbreaker, into a Full Nelson slam for two, and a back elbow for two, not done yet, she hits a hard bodyslam for two then a sharp kick to the back.

After which Devi cinches in an armbar while the crowd rallies behind Kaitlyn, a nice arm drag by Kaitlyn. Undaunted Devi hoists her on her shoulders, only to eat elbows from Kaitlyn. Three forearms and then a VINTAGE running shoulder block, back elbow, bodyslam and dropkick. The “Hybrid Diva” breaks out a new move for the children with a running corner senton while the crowd lets her know she still has it, go girl! After which Kaitlyn spears the everloving hell out of Devi for a win!

We also see Kaitlyn backstage talking about her excitement to be back, and in typical Kaitlyn goofiness, opining she should have worn knee pads.

Thoughts: I admit I was a little nervous when I saw the matchup on the screen (I have not read spoilers, so I’m watching these matches cold). Kavita hasn’t wrestled for much more than a year, and Kaitlyn has been gone for four, couple that with very similar styles and sizes, I wasn’t too keen on what they could do together. That being said,  I can’t find anything to criticise, yes, Kavita could work on some fluidity, but the match was solid, and it did what it needed to do; welcomed Kaitlyn back by giving her an imposing foe to go over but be strong in defeat, so kudos to both ladies!

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