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MYC II: Week Three Review

Jinny vs Toni Storm

Up next we have two NXT UK stars Jinny vs Toni Storm. Jinny is a Diva in every sense of the world and with attitude and fire to match. Toni, by contrast, is a fighter and rockstar, a charismatic show woman. Both of these women have a history with each other, so without further ado…

First in is Toni, and the crowd is feeling her the moment her music hits, there are “Toni” chants throughout the NXT arena, and she has support in the form of the IIconics!

And in comes Jinny, and she lives up to the persona of the “Fashionista”, she has a certain swagger and attitude that I find very intriguing. The crowd is firmly behind Toni who goes for a handshake to have her hand slapped away by The Fashionista. We get an “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!” chant while the ladies lock up, they do it twice, clean break, a shove from Jinny and one in kind from Toni which knocks Jinny on her backside.

Another aggressive tie up that ends up in the corner with Jinny motioning Toni over. Another tie-up, side headlock by Jinny, a reversal into a wristlock, a reverse by Jinny into a forearm, which angers Storm. Storm paintbrushes Jinny with a spin kick to the stomach, a running boot and a knee to a seated Jinny’s face in the corner. Storm looks to press her advantage but Jinny finds refuge in the ropes, a charge by Storm and she gets caught and dropped with a reverse STO in the corner which earns Jinny a two count.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Jinny starts throwing hands like she’s on Jerry Springer and found out her man was sleeping with her best friend’s sister’s cousin twice removed on her father’s side. A hard series of stomps, a snapmare, a spinal tap and a cover, no joy. Jinny then places her boot to the throat of Storm and chokes her on the bottom rope. Jinny didn’t come to play, y’all. More stomps along the ropes, she brings Toni by her hair into the middle of the ring and snaps her over for two. Jinny has an armbar/crossface combination, but Storm tries to fight out with shots to the ribs, and Jinny popped her one like Aerial Monroe should have popped Zeuxis for touching her hair.

Side note, yes, Michael Cole, we can hear that. In the nearly 20 years I’ve been listening to you, this is one line I wish you’d throw away, now. Anyway, Toni reverses an Irish whip and runs at Jinny who uses a Japanese armdrag to send Toni crashing into the corner. And yes, Cole, we saw that too. After all, it is on a screen for our viewing pleasure. Near fall. Another crossface/armbar, the crowd rallies behind Storm. She hits an arm drag out, Jinny rushes storm to be reverse hip tossed down into a crucifix pinning combination. Then, Jinny uncorks a right hand that was so loud and hard, that it had me seeing flashbacks of the time I got jumped in third grade. Just nasty. And guess what Cole asked?

Another whip reversal by Storm, but Jinny slides in between her legs and locks her into a modified surfboard. Jinny has no chill. Storm frees an arm and makes it to the rope, but Jinny just continues to beat the holy hell out Toni, talks smack, slaps the piss out of her, and then rams her head into the turnbuckle. A whip by Jinny into the next corner, and she’s met with a boot by Storm. She avoids a charge by Jinny and levels her with the HARDEST snap German Suplex I have ever seen, she drilled her. The fashionista has been hit so hard she thinks clothes from K-Mart are couture. Storm has her second wind, wink, wink and charged Jinny by throwing her glutes all up in her face and polishes her off with a Tiger Driver.

After her match, Toni has some words for us all backstage.

Thoughts: Toni and Jinny showed up and showed out. It was an aggressive, hard-hitting match that had a story, two defined characters, and good wrestling. This is one of the better-wrestled matches thus far. You go girls! Toni, I just love watching her in the ring. She has so much charisma, she reminds me of a young Y2J. She is young and she has IT. She will go far in this business, keep on keeping on. Miss Jinny, Miss Jinny, she brought it, she brought it! I didn’t know a thing about Jinny prior to this match, but she got me in her corner. She was all attitude, all business and has no qualms just beating the crap out of someone, I look forward to seeing what she can do in the future!

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