Monday, September 26, 2022

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MYC II: Week Three Review

Karen Q vs. Xia Li

Up next we have Xia Li vs Karen Q. Xia wants to do China proud and do it for the culture! Karen is equally hungry and is here to show how dominant she is. Let’s get into it!

In first is Karen Q, PE teacher looking to show Xia Li the meaning of getting physical. Up next is Xia Li, and she gets the crowd to clap along with her lowkey bop theme, she strikes some poses and kicks and then that fan, chiiiiild, had me living.

The bell sounds and we see a handshake and a bow between both of these women as a Chinese show of respect, and then they both enter into combat poses much to the adulation of the crowd.

This match starts off fast and furious, with both women looking to land strikes and kicks only to be dodged or blocked, Karen goes for a kick, is caught by Xia, who sweeps the leg, and Karen kips right up. Another bow, then Karen slaps Xia, and it was at that moment, she realized she messed up. Xia looks quite angry and backs her into the corner unloading fists up and down Karen’s body at lightning speed, and then kicks her and tells her to come on. While detained by the ref, Karen sneak kicks Xia in the chin, knocking her to the mat. She’s now throwing the hands back on a downed Xia and mocks her with another bow.

She then takes Xia and rams her face first into the turnbuckle. Karen is feeling herself and then breaks out a back handspring into a forearm and follows it up with a back elbow, but she’s not done. She then kicks Xia so hard in the face, that if she’s not careful, she’ll come out looking like Cardi B after NYFW. To keep up with the punishment, Karen follows up with a picture perfect T-bone suplex into a prawn hold for two. Karen is looking to seal the deal with her Boston Crab finisher, but Xia is blocking like Nicki Minaj allegedly blocks other rappers’ success. She spins out, and instead of flipping Karen, Karen goes right into a cartwheel and kicks her dead in her face.

Karen attempts a vertical suplex only to be countered and charged by Xia, but she’s not here for Xia trying to mount a comeback and plants her with a full Nelson rock bottom for two. Karen slows Xia down with a Cravat, as Xia tries to battle out with rib shots, Karen goes for a double-sledged to be ducked, and Xia comes back with hard kicks to the legs. Karen charges only to get knocked down by a Mongolian Chop then a super kick. Xia is on fiya now, she misses a roundhouse but connects with a spinning heel kick to the temple of Miss Q. Near fall. Karen gets her wits about her and hits a jawbreaker into a Samoan Drop.

Karen has had it officially with Xia and tried to put her away with a beautiful frog splash only to make a Tamina-like statement; crash and burn. Xia is feeling it now, she comes off the ropes and delivers a spinning martial arts kick with such speed and precision to the back, and she secured the win! After the match, in a show of respect, both women now and hug, and I love it.

Thoughts: Good work, ladies! Xia Li hasn’t been a wrestler very long, but she already has a distinct style and her finisher is sickening. She has a lot of potential and I wish we could see more of her on TV! I understand she was injured a while, but she looks to be better than ever! To be such a rookie, she did a wonderful job, onwards and upwards, xi xi, Xia Li! Now, Miss Karen, I loved what she brought, the back handspring into the forearm, the beautiful Frog Splash, the psychology, all very well done. I also loved how this match wasn’t too rest hold heavy. That is one thing I hated about a lot of WWE styles women’s matches, and these two managed to tell a story, get the crowd with them without any of that, kudos to you!!

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