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MYC II: Week Three Review

Allysin Kay vs. Mia Yim

Onto our main event! Billed as the Frenemy World Tour, Allysin Kay meets Mia Yim, and AK don’t play, you dig? Pinkies up! Allysin is out for blood as Mia Yim, the Blasian Baddie, who’s also back from injury and wanting blood also, broke her nose a number of years back. Talk about holding grudges. I don’t believe in holding grudges, but every so often, I give them a warm embrace. Mia says she has upped and changed her game, let’s see.

Out first is Mia Yim and there’s a shout-out to Shelton Benjamin who is her good friend in the crowd, out comes Allysin, pinky in the air and she looks like she means business.  Side note, Mia’s work with domestic violence is something to be commended. If you or a loved one are experiencing that kind of ordeal, please know you have help and options.

We begin with a lock up and a stalemate. Then both ladies wail on each other, with Yim getting the better of the situation. Roll over, Kay is mounting and punching, roll again, it’s Yim in the catbird seat. Back to Kay on top, then a cross arm breaker attempt by Yim, Kay finds respite in the ropes, only to have Mia come and punch her repeatedly in the body, Irish whip and reversal by Kay, and Yim finds herself laying between the second and third rope posing. Kay charges and is low bridged to the outside. Yim is on the apron laying in wait and levels a hard running kick to Kay’s chest, it was so hard I had to grab my inhaler, and it brings Kay to all fours groaning in pain, but Mia isn’t done with her, she breaks the ref’s count, retrieves her, covers her, punches her and covers again.

Waistlock, standing switch, and Irish whip and Kay runs through her like she’s nothing and sends Yim flying across the ring and to the outside. Kay is looking to pay Yim back in kind but too kindly, smashing Yim’s face into the apron, then lays a chop across her chest, an exchange of chops takes place as Kay rolls Yim into the ring to break the ref’s count. A mistake, Yim kicks Kay again to create separation, hits the ropes and launches herself into a suicide dive (That’s how you do it, Brie), then, Mia Yim goes for another chop, but Kay wasn’t there, the ring post was. High drama! Kay with a Greco Roman wrist kick to intensify, she may not break Yim’s nose, but her hand will do! Kay follows up with a flapjack onto the apron and rolls herself and Yim into the ring before they are counted out. Kay has Yim in the corner, and channeling her inner Stone Cold Steve Austin, stomps a mudhole in Yim and walks it dry, then chokes her against the bottom rope.

After inflicting some punishment, Kay plays to the crowd and then proceeds to punt Mia in the ribs. The ultra strong Kay follows things up with a fallaway slam and a neck vice and is loving every moment of her handiwork. Mia battles out, Kay charges and Mia rolls through into a cross arm breaker attempt. Then a high impact spine buster breaks the hold. Commentary is putting over Mia’s hand injury beautifully and more so than Mia is. Near fall. Kay again toys with Yim, and pays for it with a kneebar, but Kay gets to those ropes lightning quick. Yim goes for a ground kick, no cigar, and now they’re in each other’s faces and jaw jacking. They exchange forearms and Kay slaps Yim.

Hard slap by Yim followed by a standing high knee that puts Kay on the ropes, however Kay comes back with a bicycle kick, both women are down. Yim is up first, hits the ropes and lands a drop kick. And another. And a third, Yim to the top, missile dropkick, two count. Mia looking for a package piledriver and Kay sensing danger, hits a big back body drop to counter. Kay goes for the AK 47, countered into a sunset flip powerbomb. 1..2..and a kick out!

The crowd is feeling it. Yim is stumbling around like a 21 year old during happy hour as a “this is awesome” chant breaks out. Yim with a chop and goes for Eat Defeat (or Sole Food), no dice. Kay comes off the ropes and hits her with the Big D. Arm cover, kickout, and Allysin is getting in the ref’s face over the count. Missed roundhouse, missed crescent, double roundhouse to the side of each woman’s head, and they are down again. Yim is the first to her feet and makes her way to the high rent district only to be met with a forearm to the face. Kay goes for a superplex, but Yim puts the kibosh on that with forearms and headbutts and catches her with Sole Food for the win!

Yim has her hand raised, and Allysin looks salty.

Yim has more to say below about her second chance at the Mae Young Classic. Shelton Benjamin also congratulated his friend.

Thoughts: This was probably the strongest match of the round so far. This is what happens when you have women who can go in the ring, tell a story and have a story to tell, these two veterans, unlike the two that closed last week’s show have chemistry and it shows. The only ding I’d have against it was I wished that there was more offense targeting Mia’s hand, because again, commentators sold the hell out of that, they should have too. But overall, well wrestled, hard hitting, that three quarter tackle that Kay did gave it to the children. This week was the most solid in my opinion, and I’m so glad I was able to cover and recap this week!!

What did you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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