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Naomi gets escorted out of the ring on SmackDown; Zelina Vega victorious over Liv Morgan

Naomi still hasn’t had her match.

Naomi took matters into her own hands this week on SmackDown as she had her ring gear on and made her full entrance to the ring. Commentary stated she wasn’t scheduled for a match, but she took to the mic to issue a challenge to any woman in the back to come out and face her. Since Sonya Deville wouldn’t give her a match, she was ready to make a match for herself.

Of course, it would be Deville that comes out and tells Naomi that it is her that makes matches, not Naomi. Naomi agreed and asked for Sonya to do her job and make a match between the two of them. Deville of course declined but said she would slap the glow right off Naomi’s face. Naomi then had the crowd behind her chanting to “make the match” but Deville ordered the audio to be cut so that Naomi couldn’t use the mic anymore.

Deville followed up by asking for security who escorted Naomi out of the ring and to the back.

Despite Naomi not getting her match, this week’s SmackDown did have two women’s matches. The first was the advertised match between Zelina Vega and Liv Morgan. Morgan has Carmella this Sunday at Extreme Rules but had Vega tonight. Carmella was at ringside during the match as she was on commentary requesting for Michael Cole to tell her how beautiful she is.

Carmella would be the deciding factor of the match as she distracts Morgan who misses her at the ring ropes. As Morgan had Carmella by the hair, this allowed Vega to capitalize with a kick to the head of Morgan. Vega hits a code red for the pin and the victory. This was Vega’s first win since returning to WWE in July and her first singles win since September 2020 when she defeated Mickie James.

In a Digital Exclusive, Vega and Carmella mock Liv Morgan.

The second women’s match of the night was Nikki A.S.H facing Natalya. Nikki and Rhea Ripley are the new Women’s Tag Team Champions as of this past Monday’s RAW where they dethroned Natalya & Tamina. Nikki would continue her momentum from Monday as she picked up a win against Natalya.

Tamina would try to cause a distraction in the match as she was on the ring apron which did have the referee’s attention. Ripley pulled Tamina down from the apron as Natalya had Nikki rolled up in a pin. The ref started to count, but Nikki countered in a pin of her own and got the three count.

Shotzi & Nox then made their way out on their tank as they took a shot at Nikki & Rhea but missed. It is clear that Shotzi & Nox are tired of being left out of the title picture. In a Digital Exclusive, Nikki & Rhea say they are ready for the challenge and will be here every Friday night.

Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair kicked off SmackDown in a segment that wounded the SmackDown Women’s Champion to be taken down by a KOD. For the full rundown of this encounter preparing for their match at this Sunday’s Extreme Rules, you can click here.

On 205 Live after SmackDown, Ember Moon took on Cora Jade in the main event. Moon has gone on record that she is tired of her bad luck and her losses. Jade at one point almost had the upset as she had a near fall with an inside cradle. Moon fired back with a swift kick to the jaw. By the end though, an execution of the Eclipse secured the much-needed victory for Moon.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for our Preview & Predictions of Extreme Rules and a Discussion Post on Sunday.

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