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Natalya, Carmella and Tamina’s next move

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Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: Now that the trio of Natalya, CarmellaTamina have attacked Charlotte, what do you think they’ll do next? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • Charles Etheridge Jr: I think we will see a promo from Tamina, Carmella, and Natalya about being second and third generation superstars but have not received the same treatment as Charlotte. This will lead to Charlotte coming out and saying she is the greatest. Naomi will come out and say that her and Charlotte may not get along, but they ruined her match and that she can’t deny Charlotte’s accomplishments. Daniel Bryan will book a 6 man tag match for the next PPV with Naomi and Charlotte having to find a partner. Becky Lynch agrees to assist her friend because she doesn’t like when people play dirty. This leads to the match where Becky turns on Charlotte, becoming heel.
  • Chris ReihanaThey will definitely try to get Becky on side. She’ll either be just like Sting and fight against them or as I once said before pull a Hulk Hogan and betray the babyfaces (and her fans) and join them. I think Nattie will be the next champ, hold it for a time, becoming the top heel and then Charlotte will win it off her. I think, assuming she is returning, Maria Kanellis will play a role eventually in the angle.
  • @Haupstadtaffe: I guess the trio will attack Charlotte during an interview therefore she’ll be unable to compete in a championship rematch later that night.
  • Hisham Drain: Knowing the WWE, they will just go 3 on 3 for the next weeks then Nattie will get title shot against Naomi, probably win it and then drop it to Charlotte.
  • Jordan Sheehan: This is gonna lead up to a multi woman title match eventually. I think Tamina deserves the title seeming she hasn’t held a title in her whole WWE run. Then this will set up the triple threat they talked about on table for 3. Flair vs Hart Family vs Samoan dynasty triple threat.
  • Luiz Giem: I want this stable to dominate the whole division for the next couple of months maybe. And I would love to see Nattie getting a title shot and winning it at Money In The Bank.
  • @MarckMz1: The best thing to do is destroy Charlotte, giving the title to Natalya and later feud with Becky Lynch!
  • Matthew Brown: They will go to Shane McMahon next week and ask him what he thought of their statement last week by attacking Charlotte, demanding that they get treated better and get offered title opportunities which Shane says he’ll consider. They’ll then bump into Becky and try to get her to side with them and tell her they’ll give her time. Becky will not join them and insists that this is not her fight but theirs so she’ll just stay out of it. Then when Becky has a match they’ll come out to observe until they eventually attack her when they don’t hear what they want thus allowing Naomi & Charlotte to team with Becky to take on the trio.

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! What do you think the trio of Natalya, Carmella & Tamina will do next?

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