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Nevaeh makes an appearance at Rebellion

Indie talent, Nevaeh, made a surprise appearance during the second night of IMPACT’s Rebellion event. She watched from afar as Rosemary and Havok clashed in a Full Metal Mayhem Match.

It was mentioned on a previous taping that more Knockouts would be showing up in the division and added to the IMPACT roster. Kylie Rae was the most recent signing and she took on Kiera Hogan on the first night of Rebellion and walked away with a win. Although it hasn’t formally be announced that Nevaeh is added to the roster, all signs point to her being added to the growing division.

The Full Metal Mayhem Match was between two women who know each other very well. A chain was introduced mid-match and utilized by Rosemary as she used it as a leash wrapped around Havok. Also a steel chair around the neck of Havok made it difficult for her to gain any momentum.

During this, Nevaeh made her appearance and Josh Matthews on commentary seemed quite confused about who this mystery woman was. Madison Rayne, however, who joined him on commentary, knew exactly who she was. Rayne stated that it was Nevaeh but was unsure why she was there or even more importantly why she was out by ringside.

The match concluded in the ring as Havok hit a chokeslam to Rosemary on two chairs that were set up. Havok then focused on the chain that was previously used on her, now wrapped around Rosemary’s neck. Rosemary was able to counter this with a lead pipe. After a couple hits from the lead pipe, Rosemary was able to pick up the win.

Nevaeh had no interaction with either woman and was missing from ringside after the fall. Currently, she is one half of the Guardians of RISE Champions alongside Havok for RISE Wrestling. She has held other titles in her career such as WSU’s Spirit Title and is a former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion with Madison Rayne.

She is also the spouse of IMPACT’s Jake Crist.

What are your thoughts on Nevaeh’s appearance at Rebellion? Do you think she will make a good addition to the Knockouts roster? What business do you think she has with either Rosemary or Havok? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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