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News in Brief: Mia Yim Added to SHIMMER Tapings, Melanie Cruise Defends Title, Winner of Manami Toyota Tag Partner Tournament & More

Diva Dirt is back with another fix of news, notes and tidbits in the world of women’s wrestling. Check it out below:

Independent star Mia Yim is the most recent name announced for the March 17 and 18 SHIMMER tapings for volumes 45-48.

SHIMMER says of Yim, “One of the top rising stars in women’s wrestling today, Mia Yim returns to the SHIMMER ring on the heels of several breakout performances at our last set of tapings. Yim’s multiple training influences in both the United States and Japan prepared her for battle last time against wrestlers such as Kana, Yumi Ohka, Jessie McKay, and Athena… in just over three weeks, Mia Yim looks to not only impress once again at SHIMMER, but to take it to the next level.”

Mia joins a talent pool of just under 20 people named thus far. With Dave Prazak mentioning on the SHIMMER boards there would be around 32 different wrestlers on the shows, what other names would you all like to see added?

• • • • •

Melanie Cruise successfully defended her Resistance PRO Women’s Championship on Friday, February 17th, in a match against number one contender Sassy Stephie.

Accompanied by her entourage Taylor Made and Ms. Nikki, Cruise originally tried to claim a knee injury to get out of the match but was forced to wrestle anyway. Taylor and Nikki did their best to interfere in the match, and even a big Serenity dive from the top floor balcony to help even the odds couldn’t stop them. Ms. Nikki hit a “devastating” spear on Stephie, which set her up for a big Burning Hammer-esque move from Cruise to take the victory and retain her title.

A match has already been signed for the next Resistance PRO show on March 23 and that match should prove to be something of a grudge match: Taylor Made vs. Serenity.

• • • • •

Joshi4Hope held their third show on February 22 in Shinkiba, Japan. The show featured soon-to-be SHIMMER star Ray in action, Courtney Rush in her Japanese debut, and the first ever defense of the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships outside of America.

* Ray def. Mika Iida
* Courtney Rush and Yumi Ohka def. Tomoka Nakagawa and Kellie Skater
* Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada (c) def. Hiroyo Matsumoto and Misaki Ohata to retain their titles

Kellie Skater also suffered a pretty nice shiner during her match.

• • • • •

Terra Calaway beat Crystal Michelle via submission at an EWF show in San Bernadino, CA on February 18.

Also on February 18, Persephone Vice vs. Jewells Malone went to a 10 minute time limit draw in Ottawa.

On February 19, Cherry Bomb defended her TCW Women’s Championship in a triple threat match that also included Allysin Kay and Xandra Bale.

Reby Sky faced off against Melissa Coates on February 24 for UCW in Norcross, GA. Sky won the match with a bulldog at 5:15.

MsChif defeated Mena Libra in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Match on February 24 for AAW in Merrionette Park, IL. She hit her with a Desecrator off the bar and through a table onto the concrete floor to score the win.

• • • • •

The winner of the ‘Manami Toyota Tag Team Partner Tournament’ has been decided, and the winner is none other than Kurumi.

She toppled Maki Narumiya on February 25 at Ice Ribbon’s New Aisuhiro #371 at 7:15 with a La Magistral.

She’ll now go on to team up with the legendary Toyota at Ice Ribbon’s show on March 20 against Tsukasa Fujimoto and Tsukushi for their International Ribbon Tag Team Championships.

This is a big opportunity for Kurumi, whom, at only 11 years of age, is one of the youngest girls on Ice Ribbon’s roster – and possibly in all of wrestling.

Other results from the show include:
* Ribbon Takanashi vs. Marines Mask ended in a draw when the match time limit expired (10:00)
* Hikaru Shida and Tsukushi def. Hiroyo Matsumoto and Asuka Minami (11:04)
* Kayoko Haruyama def. Dorami Nagano (14:42)

And here are the results from their 19 O’Clock Pro Wrestling #106 event on February 24:

* 19 O’Clock Girl’s Tournament (Semi-Final Match): Dorami Nagano def. Maki Narumiya (8:56)
* Tsukushi and Hikari Minami def. Hikaru Shida and Kurumi (12:00)

• • • • •

On the same date, Universal Woman’s Pro Wrestling REINA held their 27th show at the Tobu Friend Hall in Edogawa, Japan.

* Luna Magica def. Mika Iida (9:15)
* Bambi def. Kellie Skater (7:28)
* Lluvia def. Aoi Ishibashi (11:07)
* Mima Shimoda and Silueta def. Yumiko Hotta and Saya (18:23)
* TLW International Women’s Championship Match: Aki Kambayashi (c) def. Courtney Rush (16:11)

• • • • •

SMASH has uploaded to their YouTube account a great hype video for the February 19 match between Kana and Syuri. As we all now know, Syuri was able to overcome Kana to pick up the victory and become the new SMASH Divas Champion.

• • • • •
CHIKARA star Saturyne talks about her match with Sara Del Rey in Deer Park, NY. She noted that she realizes the fans think she may not stand much of a chance against the dominant Del Rey.

• • • • •

“The First Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis is a part of the newest PSA – Prodigy Service Announcement #7. While we’re enjoying her in a heel role by Mike Bennett’s side, we’d like to see her get a chance to speak every once in awhile. For someone who was an backstage interviewer in WWE, she still had rather limited promo time so we’re pretty interested in seeing what she’s able to do.

That’s the news for now. What has got you talking? Tell us in the comments…

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