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Nia Jax declares her spot in the 2021 Royal Rumble match

On the last RAW of 2020, WWE has revealed the first name for the women’s Royal Rumble match. In a backstage interview, the former Women’s Tag Team Champion, Nia Jax, declared her spot in the fourth annual match.

Jax did not participate in the 2020 rumble match as she was out of action due to her double knee surgery. She made an emphatic statement in 2019 however as the only woman to enter both the women’s and the men’s rumble matches in the same night.

As for her tag team partner, Shayna Baszler, she said at the end of the interview after Jax walked away that she “liked that idea.” She originally only knew of the first two points Jax gave which were to end Flair’s climb to the top and regain the tag titles. Baszler will most likely join the rumble match, but she hasn’t officially declared her spot based on the interaction.

Baszler had an impressive yet brief time in the 2020 rumble match. She entered at the number 30 spot and eliminated 8 competitors in just over four minutes. She was the last eliminated by Charlotte Flair who won the match. is currently listing only Jax as an entrant based on her announcement.

What do you think of Jax being the first announced? Leave your thoughts below.

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