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Nikki Bella Blogs About Reuniting With Brie


Get the  barf bag box of tissues ready; this one is surely going to tug at your heart. As I mentioned last night, the WWE Mobile on AT&T Exclusive following SmackDown saw Brie Bella and Nikki Bella reuniting. Well, just to clarify that they did in fact reunite and are on speaking terms, Nikki Bella took to her blog to let everyone know how sorry she is about causing problems with Brie. Yawn! Don’t apologize Rebel Twin!

Now I wanted to talk to you all about what’s been going on with Brie and I, and I want to apologize to you all and her, as I already did, for my actions. If you check out the new WWE Mobile, I apologize to Brie and she accepts my apology. She truely is strong.

See sometimes, as you all know, you see differently for your family and will do whatever it takes to help your family succeed. I saw an opportunity for Brie and I and so I took it and tried to make her take it as well. Brie being sweet and kind-hearted declined and tried to show me something different. As family often does, we saw things differently. I wanted the guys to earn us and really show that they wanted us, where Brie wanted to stay because of how nice they are. Plus I know she had a crush on Primo as well as he did on her :) I love my sister to death and would never ever want to hurt her, I want the best for her, and taking a step on the dark side is what I thought would be the best. Obviously days before Wrestlemania I realized that I was wrong and that’s why I wasn’t around the boys during that time. Instead I spent a lot of time thinking….

So as far as The Bella Twins go…. WE ARE BACK!! And stronger then ever!! She and I can’t wait to tear it up in the ring again… TOGETHER!! We hope and pray for all of WWE Universe support!! As we say….


Jeez, quit with the sappy! I would’ve been perfectly content watching a backstage segment between these two on SmackDown, but I guess WWE couldn’t do that if they have something planned for the Draft. From the looks of things, the Bellas don’t appear to be making the heel turn like some of us thought would be pretty interesting. Oh well, maybe the Draft will split them up and they can both blog about that!

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