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Nikki Cross wins Fatal 4-way to face Bayley at Extreme Rules

As Extreme Rules creeps closer, we now know that Sasha Banks will face Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship, but what about Bayley? The pair of Banks and Bayley may be the Women’s Tag Team Champions but at Extreme Rules, they will be in singles action. Bayley had to find out who her opponent would be and it turns out it will be Nikki Cross.

Cross won a Fatal 4-way match that involved Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke, and her own tag team partner Alexa Bliss. The match started off with Evans and Bliss in one corner trading blows and Cross and Brooke in the other. Bliss & Cross would get the better of their exchanges as Brooke and Evans ended up rolling out of the ring.

The two would end up giving each other a hug in the middle of the ring but Bliss perhaps forgot that this was every woman for herself. Cross would surprise her best friend by stacking her up getting a two count.

Bliss seemed shocked as Cross explained to her that she loves her but it is all about the SmackDown Women’s Championship. A title that Bliss is all too familiar with. The two shook hands and then squared off.

After a short exchange, Evans pulled Bliss from beneath the bottom rope and drove her into the barricade. This allowed Evans and Brooke to single out Cross. They took moments in double teaming Cross while also fighting with each other.

A few moments later, Brooke would end up getting the better of Evans showing an aggressive side to her. She was close to picking up the victory after delivering a swanton bomb but Cross broke it up.

Bliss would go for Twisted Bliss on Brooke who got the legs up. After Evans delivered an elbow to Cross she didn’t go for the pin as Brooke missed with a clothesline. Evans delivered a Woman’s Right to Brooke knocking her out. Cross took advantage and stacked up Evans for the pin for the victory.

Nikki Cross will face Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules: The Horror Show.

Cross and Bliss celebrate her win afterward as they trade words between Bayley and Banks who were on commentary.

What do you think of this result? Do you think Nikki Cross could become the next SmackDown Women’s Champion? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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