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NXT Redux (August 28th, 2014): Bayley Stands Up to the Queen

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE NXT Redux! Last night, we saw the latest in the “best of 34543854395434363893.7 series” between NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Bayley and ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks. Can Sasha cause an upset or will Bayley gain even more momentum towards the biggest match of her career?


The first Divas sighting of the night comes from Veronica Lane backstage, and she’s interviewing the new NXT General Manager, William Regal. Awesome appointment as GM! We didn’t see Ronnie do much yet she looked pretty smokin’. Thumbs up from me!

Out to the arena and Sasha Banks is out first with her new CFO$ theme song! The stereotypical ghetto theme has gone and I like what I could hear! It’s no ‘Stars in the Night’ yet let’s be real, Sasha is no Paige. OOH BURN! One thing I can say though, Sasha has never looked better. Another fantastic new attire!

Speaking of fantastic, I was really impressed with JoJo‘s ring announcing! She may look 8 years old, yet she put her all into her role. The same can’t be said for some people…

Bayley and her inflatable buddies are out next and one of them should totally do this:

Moving swiftly on before I belt out my finest rendition of Wrecking Ball…

The match starts out with Sasha slapping the holy hell out of Bayley! Recently though, we’ve seen that Bayley no longer backs down to the bullies, and she charges right at her bossy foe, delivering a series of strong shoulder thrusts in the corner. Sasha avoids Bayley’s dash attack before sending her right into the top tunbuckle. Following a rough pin attempt, The Boss works over Bayley in the corner, winding her with knees into her chest as Bayley laid over the second turnbuckle. Sasha switches the move up when hitting it a second time, this time draping Bayley over the bottom ropes and stomping the breath out of Bayley. Brutal and I’m loving it!

Following one of Sasha’s patented straight-jacket submissions, the former BFF slams Bayley’s face into the mat ferociously before showing her cockiness by signally that she should have the championship opportunity, not little ol’ Baylz. After getting to her feet, Bayley triumphantly proves that she should have that title chance as out of nowhere, she squashes Sasha with her Belly-to-Bayley hugplex for a massive win!

After the match, the stunning Renee Young interviews Bayley in the ring. Bayley says that she has earned her place in NXT and quotes a poster that I have never seen. Something to do with branches. Bayley finishes her lovely declaration of confidence only for the Ice Queen herself to make her presence felt. Charlotte woos before telling Bayley that she is way too nice to be able to take the belt from her. Charlotte cuts down some of the audience phenomenally yet Bayley thinks on her feet fantastically, telling Charlotte that she is “over here”, and that she should view Bayley as a threat. Bayley extends her hand yet Charlotte walks off defiant.

Thoughts: How salivating was that promo after the match? I really cannot wait to see these two square off. Although not a massively personal fued, Charlotte’s betrayal to join the BFFs many moons ago is still firmly in the minds of Diva fans and that, coupled with the simplistic yet effective booking thus far, I am pumped for NXT Takeover.

As for the match, the aggression and stiffness from both girls was present yet again, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also really liked Sasha’s cockiness and sass as usual. As far as the WWE’s Divas go, I have to say that these two are probably in the Top 5 of the entire company, main roster or developmental, perhaps even in the Top 3. These girls know their characters inside and out. I also thought Bayley’s finisher was her best one to date. I love how out-of-nowhere it was (showcasing how Bayley can indeed be a threat) and the impact was awesome.

A final note before I go. Sadly, this was my last NXT Redux and I also will no longer be fulfilling my duties as the WWE Superstars writer either for Diva Dirt. Bobby and I will be swapping to easier fit our schedules, so now Bobby gets to recap NXT, a show in which he often sees live and Superstars, a show the lesser-seen Divas Bobby idolizes appear on. That also means I get to recap the A-list lights, camera and action of WWE Monday Night Raw on a permanent basis for the first time. I am massively excited for that. Bring on the Bella drama! Of course, you can still catch me bringing you the goodness from WWE Main Event too.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back! (On Tuesday!)

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