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NXT Redux (June 12th, 2014): The BFFs Get Fierce… With Each Other

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! After a swap in Reduxes two weeks ago and a short holiday away last week, I’m back and what a match to come back to! Before we move any further along, cheers to Erin for being a fantastic foster mother last week. Now I’m back, perhaps you can be a nanny to NXT every now and again instead. Eringenia Doubtfire has quite the ring to it!

This week’s match all came about due to the staredown that ended the Divas segment last week and it pits WWE Divas Champion Paige, Emma and Bayley against NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks and the returning Summer Rae; the BFFs are back together! Shame they don’t look so happy about it. Can they coexist to get the win?


Out first is my favourite NXT Diva (calm down Paige!) not also on the main roster (saved myself excellently), its ‘ITS BAYLEY’! Seriously, why does Eden do that? Out second is Emma and her random-as self and closing out the team is my bride-to-be Paige.

The BFFs make their joint entrance next and they DO NOT look happy! There’s pushing, shoving, scrunched up expressions and a big reek of dissension in the year. You need to pull yourselves together ladies. Sidenote: This is the first time I’ve had the platform to say that I really like Charlotte’s new theme song. Woo!

The NXT Champ and Emma start things off with Charlotte showing off her strength as she and Emma jockey for position. Emma utilizes a collar-and-elbow armdrag before waving through the ropes, shouldering Charlotte in the gut and hitting a sunset flip for a one count. Charlotte rebounds with a knee and starts to get cocky until Emma slaps the cockiness right out of her! Now that was a slap!

Instead of capitalizing, Emma just stands there and gets kneed in the gut and Charlotte proceeds to tag in Sasha. The most recent twosome incarnation of the BFFs keep the quick tags going, much to the dismay of Summer Rae. Emma tries to get her energy going after a reversal in the corner, yet the craft NXT Women’s Title holder distracts the ref, allowing Sasha to trip Emma to the arena floor as we go to commercials. Good job we did as Renee Young was going wild on commentary over a borderline sexist comment! Breathe Renee, breathe!

Back from the break and Summer has finally got in the ring and she is looking vexed. For being so annoyed about not being tagged in, she doesn’t stay in long as Charlotte comes back in the ring and hits Emma with some piercing shoulder blocks. Sasha gets in next and as you expect, is the one who mucks it all up. After a chinlock, she gets locked in the DilEmma in the corner, a move which allows Emma to create some space, get her breath back and tag in good ol’ Baylz!

Bayley clobbers Charlotte with axe handles, strikes she follows up awesomely with a massive shoulder thrust and bottom rope springboard corner elbow. Bayley then hits an exploder suplex, only for her pin attempt that followed be broken up by Sasha. Carnage ensues as Paige thrust kicks Sasha, only to then be thrown out by Sasha, who then is thrown out by Bayley. Charlotte slithers behind Bayley and hits Charlotte’s Web yet the tenacious Bayley kicks out. Charlotte boots a fallen Summer Rae out of the ring (she was forearmed in the face by Bayley) and this random distraction costs Charlotte who gets rolled up for the win by Bayley!

The aftermath is not pretty and Summer is vexed. No – Summer is pissed. Charlotte is all like “I didn’t invite you to my BBQ” as Summer gets all up in her grill, hairflipping like the best of them. “I MADE YOU. I MADE YOU TWO!” screams Summer. Summer, you forgot the word lose on the end of those two sentences…

Thoughts: This match was just ok to me. I absolutely love the story of the BFF break-up and the heel girls showcased how brilliant they either have always been or have become. All of their mannerisms were on-point. I was also a fan of Bayley’s offense and I really hope that eventually, she gets a fair shot at the title. I hope she’s not next in-line as that would most likely mean Charlotte would retain as it would be her first defence, yet you never know (or you do know if you have seen any spoilers). Am I giving any hints or am I not? DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

Onto the negatives now. The ending distraction was really random and too forced. Summer should have tried to tag herself in accidentally bump into Charlotte, not just lye there like a sack of spuds. She technically wasn’t providing a distraction at all so Charlotte being so bothered made her look logically daft. Shout out to Renee Young too, you can commentate girl! A lot of excellent points raised from her this week.

I also didn’t like the fact that Paige got to do one move, which was then no sold. Not to mention she didn’t manage to get the epic kick sound effect this week. Double whammy of letdown! Paige really should have been booked to do more. I get that Bayley was made to look really strong in that she didn’t need Paige’s help at all, yet Paige was made to look naff. Even just hitting the Paige Turner before throwing Sasha out would have made more sense and then Charlotte could have thrown Paige out. That would have worked much better.

Now apparently, this match was longer in some broadcasts than this particular video and there was also a segment with the BFFs and Alexa Bliss. Sadly, those videos are currently unavailable online yet hopefully they weren’t cut from the majority of edits and this upload represents the minority. In addition to those segments, Natalya was also involved in an argument with her man Tyson Kidd yet a video of that wasn’t available either. Friday the 13th is well and truly upon us!

We do have video of Natalya reacting to Tyson’s disgruntled reaction to his loss to Adrian Neville, though:

That’s all from me this week recapping NXT. I’m loving the fact we have a heel champion for the first time ever and I’m really intrigued to see how the BFF dissension continues to play out on TV. Let’s just make sure we don’t forget Alexa Bliss, WWE!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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